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Mature Fuck Buddies

Posted by Admin on March 29th, 2015 in Hot Free Sites

Brock And Kevan

Posted by Admin on March 28th, 2015 in Free Daddy Pictures

Bears Fucking In The Garden WOW, the mature models in this scene are super hot hairy bears. Kevan, the guy topping in this scene, really has a nice macho look and a well trained body without over doing it. Right from the start of this scene its clear that he wants to take care and fuck the hell out of the other bear model and thats just what he does. Not being satisfied with just fucking Brocks asshole Kevan also gives him a good round of throat fucking making sure to go deep so Brock knows just what he can expect when its time for his ass to be abused but as Brock loves a good hard fuck he just keeps begging Kevan to go harder and deeper.

Derrick And Diego

Posted by Admin on March 27th, 2015 in Free Daddy Pictures

Daddies Sexy Latino Lover Holy Moly, what a perfect speciment - simply a text book example of a silverdaddy, head full of silver grey hair, a fury silver chest to match and to complete the package he appears to have the perfect cock sucking mouth and a very hungry ass that his latino lover does everything in his power to satisfy. Seeing Daddy Derrick suck his latino admirers cock and making it grow is so sexy and the precum play going on between the two in the scene is wonderfull to watch. It ofcourse leads to a monster of a bareback fuck fest between this perfect silverdaddy and his passioned latino lover.

Hunter And Ben

Posted by Admin on March 26th, 2015 in Free Daddy Pictures

Hot Mature Interracial Daddies WOW, what a cock fest this scene is. I know that people say that black men have bigger dicks than white men but from the looks of it Hunters long white cock appears to be holding its own when compared to Big Bens thick hard black dick so if you love watching mature men with big cocks enjoying some action you will love this scene for sure. The best part about this scene, besides the fact that its hot mature daddies with huge cocks going at it is, that its an interracial scene - i just love watching black guys fuck and getting fucked and Big Ben truly is a muscle daddy hunk if i ever saw one and judging from the scene he loves getting fucked by a big cock as much as he enjoys pounding his big black hard rod into someones ass.

Grandpa Jerking Off His Meat

Posted by Admin on March 25th, 2015 in Hot Free Sites

Chicago Circle

Posted by Admin on March 24th, 2015 in General Erotic Gay Stories

So there I was at the AA Meat Market in Chicago. It was a hardcore leather bar with an enforced dress code, and I had no leather. Damn! Fortunately the management made exceptions for hot guys who were willing to walk around in nothing but their undershorts and shoes. I was a hot guy and certainly willing to strip down to my white briefs if that's what it took to gain entry. Hell, I would have walked around in nothing but my black boots if that's what it took.

I gave my clothes to the bartender, kept my wallet in my hand and began making my way through the very warm and crowded bar. A long bar sat several men who one by one checked me out. I was flattered by the compliments, but scared when one man gently cupped my balls and felt my ball sac tenderly. It was so packed, I couldn't advance any further. So he got to cop a feel longer than I normally would have let him. But I had no choice. It was at that moment I realized I was at his mercy. If he had squeezed any tighter and hurt me, there would have been nothing I could do except yelp or whine like a baby--which I sure as hell was not going to do. But, oddly, the fear subsided and I realized I rather liked not being in control. I liked his having control over me.

The crowd starting moving again so I moved along with them. I was headed to the back. I had heard that there was a dark room in the back where all sorts of sex took place. Kinky sex. I wandered around and stopped at the back bar and ordered a beer. I caught glance of a leather guy walking out through a door. He wasn't an employee so I knew that was the place. I took a few gulps of beer, walked to the door, and went in.

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School Roomate

Posted by Admin on March 22nd, 2015 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

As a young teen, epically at college, life can be tough. A common thing that would happen was hazing. The most dreadful form, which I and my predecessors were subject to, was what was called "raping". Basically one would pretend to "rape" an unsuspecting freshman, who was suppose to be scared. I wasn't particularly. If you didn't fight back, you would get left alone.

So by the time I was a senior, and I already clearly knew I was gay, I decided that it was my turn to give a young man his rite of passage. Lewis was his name, a cute freshman who played with me on the football team. Because of football we became friends and eventually roommates. I would always try to fake haze Lewis, and always protected him from all the other upperclassmen.

One night while we lied in our beds in the room, we started talking about the hot girls on campus and so forth. He heard my bed was rocking and asked what I was doing. I said "Come over and find out." Now I was ready to "haze" Lewis.

Super Cute Daddies

Posted by Admin on March 21st, 2015 in Super Cute Daddies

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Adrians Birthday

Posted by Admin on March 20th, 2015 in General Erotic Gay Stories

"He's not up yet" Adrian's mother said to Mac. "I've go to go to the diner early, so if you can get him up, you boys can make your own breakfast".

Mac smiled, "Don't worry I'll get him up" and then trotted up the stairs to Adrian's bedroom. He had been here many times before since he and Adrian had become friends. They gossiped, listend to music, watched videos, play video games and even jacked off together. It had almost been a year since they met at County College.

Mac crept into Adrian's bedroom. He smiled seeing his buddie's bare torso above the sheets. Adrian was still sleeping.

Mac stripped off his own shirt and shorts. His cock was rock hard and he was ready to do what he thought about doing for some time.

He closed the blinds, less the morning sun awakened Adrian too soon.

Mac then slowly and carefully found himself under the sheets. To his delight his hand found that Adrian too was naked. The two had slept over in each others' houses often and sleeping naked was normal for them.

Mac squeezed the tube he brought onto his hand and slowly encirled Adrian's cock beginning a slow milking motion.

Adrian's cock grew hard in his grasp and Adrian began to moan.

"Shit man what are you doing?" he awoke.

"Happy birthday buddy" Mac said as he moved to his knees over Adrian.

"yea yea, cut that out" Adrian said trying to move Mac's hands from his boner.

Mature Lovers

Posted by Admin on March 19th, 2015

The DVD "Mature Lovers" from MatureGayDVDs.com contains 2 seperate movies or scenes if you will. The scenes are both mature on mature and one is shot on a steady cam the other with a cameraman.

In the first scene we see Eric and Richard, some of you might recall that they are the muscled up mature daddy Rich's fuck friend but this time they get to play with each other insted of serving as Rich's cockholsters..

They start out with a bit of light chatting untill they reach the bedroom where they start kissing, groping and undressing each other as they end up on the bed naked Richard grabs Eric' cock and starts giving him one of his famous blowjobs, sloppering and sucking on his cock like he is trying to suck one of Eric' testicals up through the cock - Eric doesnt mind though and enjoys the action for a bit before they move to the classic 69 position.. Now sucking cock is something they both do good, if we can believe daddy rich and why not he has experience with them both sucking on his cock many times for sure.

After the 69 position Richard lubs up Erics ass and gets down to business fucking him from behind as Eric is lying flat on the bed with his head almost facing the camera. Richard hammers it home and Eric loves every minute of it and after a good rump he wants to return the favor so they do a switch and Richard is put on his side with Eric lying down behind him and starts working on his ass.

Later on they change position again Eric is on his back on the bed with Richard working a dildo in and out of his ass while blowing him untill he spills his seed directly in his mouth.

The second scene is of daddy Rich and Richard having fun - as the title says its all about "Pleasing Daddy Rich" and Richard is very happy to do just that.. So in this scene they start out on the bed kissing very pasionetly and as Richard is on top he gets his cock sucked first as Rich is on his back and Richard simply crawls up and place his cock within reach of Rich' mouth to get him to start sucking - Rich is a smart guy and takes the hint and deepthroats Richards cock right then and there.. After a bit of that they change to place Richard with his knees on the edge of the bed and with Rich right behind him working on his ass and hammers it home..

This is the only position they use for the entire penetration part of the scene but that doesnt really matter all athat much as it is a position that really allows for Rich to work his cock in and out of Richards ass applying the full length and a great force in each thrust. There is no doubt that Rich is a power daddy that loves to really work his cock in and out of his fuckbuddys ass and i think everyone would agree that Richard is the perfect cockholster as he is always ready to take pleasure daddy Rich.

As the scene nears and end Richard gets another salty load of fresh daddy cum down his throat and looks very happy to once again having gotten a free meal from his mature lover.


The Apprentice

Posted by Admin on March 18th, 2015 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

We had just two days until our graduation from Center High and we decided to do a little celebrating early. Kyle's parents were going out of town, so he said he could get wheels for our party. So Friday night he snuck his father's big Buick out of their garage and picked us up. We were off then to cross over the state line into Michigan where I knew we could get booze at the Last Chance Liquor Store. I'd banged Madelyn, the old broad who ran the place, once and ever since then she'd let me buy whatever I wanted. I only hoped that nerd of a husband of hers wasn't manning the counter---with him I would have had a problem, but with Madelyn I'd be home free.

Pulling into the store's parking lot, I saw her behind the counter and I knew it was a go. The place was empty except for Madelyn. Picking up a couple of bottles of their cheapest whiskey and a bottle of gin, I added a fifth of vodka just to be sure we had enough. I was all set then and sat the bottles on the counter and, giving her a wink, she began totaling the booze. The sweetheart even gave me a little discount!

Charles' And Hunter's Wild Weekend

Posted by Admin on March 17th, 2015

The DVD "Charles' And Hunter's Wild Weekend" from MatureGayDVDs.com contains 2 seperate movies or scenes if you will. Daddy Charles and Daddy Hunter are in both of them and i must admit i never get tired of watching Hunters big thick cock..

In the first scene Hunter is enjoying the gentle breeze on his totally naked body untill Charles comes up to him and ask him to suck his cock - Hunter doesnt have a problem giving Charles a good blowjob and inhales Charles' cock to the root working his magic and making it hard and ready for some ass penetration.

When his cock is nice and hard he bents over and returns the favor sucking on Hunters massive tool make it hard so we can enjoy it in all its length and thickness - after a bit of tihs Hunter gets up and lets Charles poke around in his ass with a couple of fingers just to make sure he is ready for the cock to come and he throws in a round of rimming for good messure - when Hunter is nice and ready Charles gets up and starts pounding his cock into Hunters ass - going as deep as possible using the entire length of his cock to maximize their pleasure.

As the scene cut we now see Charles riding on top of Hunters huge throbbing cock taking it all inside his ass and clearly wanting more - who would have thought that Charles would be such a nice bottom daddy but apparently there is more to his ass than meets the eye.. Charles continues to ride Hunter hard and grind him like only a true cock lover do making sure to work the meat inside his ass so it hits just the right spot.

After this they take turns fingering each others ass as they jerk off to completion - perhaps not the way i would have done it but hey its a fantastic scene so even if the ending is a bit dull the passion between the models more than make up for it..

Now in the second scene we see Daddy Charles and Daddy Hunter have fun with their friend Daddy Simon - now Simon is very poorly hung but what he doesnt have between the legs he makes up for by the skill he has with his mouth and ass.. Not only is Simon a master cock sucker but he is also the perfect bottom, he simply loves it when his ass gets some attention - so as he is sucking on Charles' cock Hunter is behind him working his fingers in his ass and at a few times he nearly puts his entire fist in Simon but holds back but its very clear to anyone that views this scene that Simon would have no trouble taking his entire fist to the wrist and probably beyound.

As Simon is put on his back with his feet in the air he sucks on Charles' cock as Hunter works his huge meat in and out of his ass working up a good rythem whiles Charles continues to enjoy Simon sucking on his cock. As Hunter has had a good run at Simons ass him and Charles change positions and Charles gets to work on Simons cock hungry ass hole.. Now if you ask me i would hate to go second after Hunters as i am sure the size of his cock will leave even the most tight ass hole totally blocked out and wide opened but Charles doesnt mind and goes to work on stuffing Simons ass like there is no tomorrow..

They continue to switch and take turns getting their cock sucked and then stuffing Simons ass - they even change the position some and do him doggy style for a good hard ramming where they use the entire length and size of their cock and throws some weight behind it which Simon really enjoys..

In the end they spill their seed on his ass and cock and all of them look like it was a good fuck session and they are totally spend and satisfied.

In my opinion this DVD is one of the greatest in my personal collection and as i said in the start i never get tired of watching Hunters massive cock being pounded into someones ass.



Tom And Sebastian

Posted by Admin on March 16th, 2015 in Free Daddy Pictures

Tom And The Rent Boy The mature model in this scene looks to be a truly seasoned gentleman sporting some wrinkles on his handsome face and gorgeous silver grey hair and to complete everything he has a thick long hard cock to boot so the rent boy he called over to fuck gets to work for his money as it appears the mature gentleman really knows how to plow a hole. The rent boy takes the thick mature cock like a true champ and keeps grinding away at his mature clients cock till he blows his creamy load deep inside his ass.