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A Father And Son Fantasy

Posted by Admin on September 3rd, 2015 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

Rolling along the interstate at dusk, on vacation and with no real destination in mind, I pulled into the very large rest area. After finding a parking space away from the restrooms, I turned into a space and parked. I had been driving for a good while and needed to relieve myself in a bad way. Stepping up to a urinal, I whipped out my beauty and let it flow. Seemingly out of nowhere, a rather young looking man stepped up to the stall beside me and revealed a very hot looking, semi hard cock. His stream also flowed with great intensity and he must have needed relief as bad as I. He finally uttered something about how driving and having to pee caused his dick to stay semi hard and he needed to piss really bad. I glanced at his cock again after hearing this and it had grown even harder than before. In his hand was a very beautiful 6-inch tool with a swollen and glistening purple head, and it was spilling a stream of hot yellow liquid.

I responded to his comment by saying, yeah, it does me the same way too. At this point, I could feel his gaze upon my own stiffening cock. The thought of him looking at my cock gave me shivers along the length of my body and my cock grew to a raging hard on in an instant. I slowly and openly stroked my cock while looking at his beautiful hard dick, which was now at full attention. The swollen crimson purple head looked very suckable as it gleamed wetly in the light from overhead. Slowly his hand made its way over to my stiff cock and he stroked my dick for a short while until we heard the door open; he quickly withdrew his hand and acted like nothing had happened. He put away his stiff dick and quickly made his way towards the door.

The Bed

Posted by Admin on September 2nd, 2015 in Free Daddy Pictures

Chuck Destroys Andres Ass Claiming that Daddy Chucks cock is above normal in girth simply wouldnt do it justice as its one of the fattest meatiest cocks i have ever seen a swordsman wield and i think the size of this piece of meat completely took Andres by surprise.. Chucks cock is so big that Andres had problems fitting it in his mouth and the more he sloppered on Chucks cock the thicker it got so when it was time for Chuck to fuck Andres it was a real moster of a cock and Andres did his best to accomidate this meat monster but there was a very thin line between the pleasure of getting fucked and the pain of having a giant mature cock in his ass.

One Mans Paradise

Posted by Admin on September 1st, 2015 in General Erotic Gay Stories

Simon Rienholt's mother died when he was twelve. He never knew his father. He spent his teenage years with a foster family - they treated him well but there was little love. They saw his inclusion in their family as a social good, raising the boy until he could fend for himself, rather than an addition of a son.

Simon would have been a jock, but with the tragedy of his life he withdrew from everyone and everything. Good looking, but uninterested in women and suspecting he was gay - he withdrew further and began putting on weight. All he did was sit in his room isolated from the world. He became hooked on computers. It became an obsession - an escape from every day life.

As a nineteen he developed the software to develop web sites and suddenly found those in the know approaching with money and offers to form a company. At 21 he was head of a listed web site software development company. It was all going too fast for the young man who resented the pressure and the fact his joy in computers had become a job that he had to force himself to endure. When an offer of 40 million US came for his products - he grabbed it.

He was 22, a virgin and a millionaire - it was 1998. Now he had nothing but time on his hands. He bought a magnificent house overlooking the ocean. A pool, a sauna, a tennis court and a spa made his lifestyle opulent - but his love life was non-existent. He installed a full gym and went to work on his body. Investing in real estate his fortune doubled as his body became lean and muscled. The few relationships he'd had were disasters. The guys involved were after his money not his love - and then he met Neil. A man with a secret. Neil longed to be a sub and by chance he allowed Simon to explore his own dominant side. And he did. It was a whole new world and one he finally loved - and he quickly began to build his own paradise.


Posted by Admin on August 31st, 2015 in General Erotic Gay Stories

I am 16 years of age and do not want to reveal my name. we were friends from childhood. it started when we were in for a camp for eight days. R , his friend and i, we were sharing one room in the hotel. his friend did not want to remove his clothes in the bathroom as it was wet and he removed it in front of us. conversation drifted to masturbution. i was too young n said that such a thing doesnot exsist(!) they told me how to do it. i tried ... n loved it. once he came home to watch porn n while doing so he asked me if i had n erection. i said yes and he told me two of his friends were gay. he asked me if i wanted to try and i said no. he said that he doubted me being one n was just trying to get the truth out from me. once, after the end of the term he came home to watch porn. he hates to be tickled n i tickled him he tickeld me back and we were rolling on each other each trying to get our mouths close but pretending otherwise but someone came home. we heard the bell n he left. after some years i called 3 friends to stay over n he was there too. we slept next to each other . it was summer so we did not have blankets. i, in my half sleepiness put my leg over him. after some time he did the same thing.. he put his arm round me and unknowingly we cuddled up together he got his mouth near n i did the same n we kissed for a long time. we did not speak much afterwards. once i had called one of my friends to sleppover n we met him in a cafe . he invited himself n insisted to sleep next to me. we did the same thing n this time we touched each others cocks n he put hid toung in my mouth n we cuddled n kissed passionately. i whispered to him to come in the room next to mine as there was one of our friends in the same room. he said that he was not gay, kissed me and in the end he turned n slept with his back towards me. i still think of him while masturbuting n we dont talk much now. he comes to my tutions and tries to talk to me but i ignore not knowing why... we are in different college now and dont see much of each other but i cant stop thinking about him.

Baseball Team Gangbang

Posted by Admin on August 30th, 2015 in General Erotic Gay Stories

Eric and Anton headed to the locker room after finishing practice.They had a good workout, and it was a nice spring day.Not too warm, just nice to be outside getting some sun.The guys on the team all got along very well.Everyone knew Eric and Anton were best friends and they were both liked and respected by the other team mates.Anton was probably the most popular guy on the team and one of the best athletes.

The other guys on the team are

Joe - a Latino guy, looks sort of like Corbin Bleu

Robby - another Latino guy, short hair, nice chest

Troy - Well built, tan, very muscular, dark longish hair

Bo - blonde guy, short cropped hair, slight golden tan

Gavin - dark haired, short hair, trim, smooth build

Sam - black guy, well built, smooth body

Joe and Robby are good friends.They both work at the supermarket in town and got to know each other better through that.They hang out at each other's house after school and sometimes one will stay over at the other guy's house on a weekend night.They're both horny all the time and on numerous times have jerked off together.They both have thought about doing other stuff with each other as well, but neither wants to make the first move.

Troy is a very buff guy and lives a few blocks from Bo. They've been friends for a long time.Like Joe and Robby, Troy and Bo are good friends and have fooled around together.They have slept over each other's houses for years and have spent entire weekends together when either of their parents has gone away.Troy and Bo have been more adventurous than Joe and Robby though.They started off jerking off together, then moved to jerking each other off.Then one night Troy asked Bo if he'd suck his dick and he would return the favor.Bo hesitated at first but really wanted a blowjob of his own so he took the plunge and went down on Troy.As Bo was blowing Troy, Troy started to writhe in pleasure, the sensation of his first blowjob was making him nuts.

Sleeping With The Enemy

Posted by Admin on August 29th, 2015 in General Erotic Gay Stories

Love and sex know no boundaries.Many a time one doesn't help getting in love with one's worst enemy.Many a time an ostensible tormentor can have a complete change of heart.The following story is one such experience.I would love to have your opinions, suggestions and criticism about the story.A story like this has to be written in the first person to bring out its full flavour.All the characters are products of my imagination and bear no resemblance to anyone real.


For a qualified teacher it is not difficult getting a job in Bombay. However, awaiting my posting as a teacher in a new institution, I had been entrusted with the job of a Librarian.As compared to the last teaching job that I had chucked, it turned out to be a sedate job with a lot of time in hand.I was given a room to stay in the boys' hostel and since I was present in the hostel as a member of the faculty, soon they gave me the added responsibility of being the warden.Ensuring discipline would have been a Herculean task but I was reminded of my own days in a hostel in Bangalore, a few years back.I was up to all the usual tricks of the boys including sneaking in after hours and smuggling liquor into the rooms. Having done all these things a few years back, my concern was not so much as discipline and policing but the safety of my wards.Hence, I invariably took rounds half an hour after midnight to confirm all was well.

Daddy Jerking Off His Lads Big Cock

Posted by Admin on August 28th, 2015 in Hot Free Sites

Passion For Daddies

Posted by Admin on August 27th, 2015

The DVD "Passion For Daddies" from MatureGayDVDs.com contains 2 seperate movies or scenes if you will, both scenes have a heavy focus on petting, passion and some hardcore action to top everything off..

The first scene features a daddy and admirer from Australia that are truely into each other and if you are into daddies and admirers making out more than they fuck then this scene would sit very very well with you as Joe and Sherwin spend the majority of the scene kissing, petting sucking cock and generally just enjoying each others company and bodies without the need for hardcore penetration. The final 5 or so minutes of the scene shows a quick penetration where Sherwin is on top of Joe riding his cock but that is about all the hardcore action this scene has to offer..

Now compared to the run time of the scene the hardcore portion is a little bit shorter than i would have personally wanted but the raw passion and sexual heat between the models more than make up for the lack of hardcore action.. As i said if you want to watch nothing but hardcore action then this DVD probably isnt for you but if you want to see passion, petting, kissing and making out then you need to check out this DVD if for no other reason than to view the passion in this scene of Joe and Sherwin.

The second scene features an old guy by the name of Tom and a rent boy that he wanted to fuck, Sebastian the rent boy, loves daddies and caters especially to daddies when he escort so eventhough he is a rent boy his passion and dedication to getting Tom off is real.

The scene starts out with them standing and kissing each other as they undress and as soon as they are undressed Sebastian goes to his knees and starts working on Toms cock with his mouth to get him good and hard and ready for the penetration.. When Toms cock is good and hard Tom sits down on the white leather couch, deja vu anyone ? , and Sebastian mounts him and starts riding his cock in hard strokes to the root.. As they change positions Sebastian bents over the couch and Tom works his ass from behind in long strokes ramming him good and hard with the full length and force of his dick.

Sebastian is then put on his back on the couch and Tom goes to his knees and sticks it to him again hammering it into him for a good period of time as they change positions again they go back to Sebastian riding Toms cock untill Tom blows his load in the rubber with his dick still deep inside Sebastians asshole

I strongly suggest you check out the trailer for this DVD to see if it is something that would suit your taste - the passion displayed in the scene with Joe and Sherwin is a must have for all that enjoys seeing a daddy and his admirer playing around in bed and totally worshipping each others body and presents.


Daddy's Play Room

Posted by Admin on August 26th, 2015

The DVD "Daddy's Play Room" from MatureGayDVDs.com contains 3 seperate movies or scenes if you will, all 3 of them feature a daddy, Chuck, with a big fat cock and a mouth so foul that most sailors would be inpressed by his vocabulary.

In the first scene Chuck gets to play with a sexy young cuban admirer named Andres. The scene is filmed in a totally red leather room with a nice big heart shaped bed and if nothing else this leather setup really adds a nice feel to the scene.

The scene starts with Andres trying to fit Chucks fat cock into his mouth and to his credit he manages to get a good deal of it stuffed in but the cock is simply too fat for him to truly master - however the young admirer does a good job and sucks like a true champ to get Chuck ready for the fucking

Chuck pobes Andres ass with a few fingers to make sure he is nice and relaxed before he tries to get his masive meat rod into him and after a bit of work Andres' ass is ready to accept the cock and Chucks begins to work his action from behind, hammering his cock into Andres' so hard we can hear their bodys clash together like two hands clapping at a sports event.

Chuck puts Andres flat on his belly still working him from behind and as the camera man keeps the focus on Andres we get a good impression of how hard it is to take the full force of Chucks masive cock as Andres face betrays his feelings of pleasure mixed with a good amount of pain. Andres handles it like a champ though and gets a nice splash of hot cum on his lower back as a reward for good services rendered

The second scene takes place in a room with a sling that gets put to good use as Chuck fucks the shit out of Edward. The scene starts out with Chuck leaning back in the sling to get his cock sucked by Edward. Edward is better equipped to handle a big cock like Chucks and have less of a problem giving Chuck a good sloppy blowjob and Chuck enjoys every minute of the mouth action he gets.

After a good long blowjob Edward is placed in the sling with his head so Chuck can throat fuck him and Chuck takes full advantage of the oppertunity and fucks Edwards throat with the full might of his cock. After a bit of throat fucking Chuck gives a little back by sucking on Edwards exposed cock as Edward continues to work his mouth magic on Chucks giant piece of meat.

After a bit of light rimming Edwards ass is ready to accept Chucks monster cock and they get down to business with Edward placed in the sling and Chuck taking full advantage of it to get extra speed going and hammering his rock hard fat cock deep into Edwards wet sloppy ass. I cant remember when i last saw a scene with such intensity and raw fucking as this one.. Chuck is relentless and keeps hammering his dick deeper and harder into Edwards ass and Edwards take it like a champ and keeps asking for more.. As they change position Edward stands facing the sling and Chuck works on his ass from behind with both fingers and cock before finally blowing his load all over the floor and Edwards lower back..

The third scene is a solo scene with Chuck rubbing sunblock all over his body and then jerks off by the pool, it is a hot little scene but not really one that requires a long and color full description of you ask me..

Wether or not you will enjoy this DVD depends on wether or not you can accept listening to Chuck and his color full comments durring the fucking , sucking and rimming.. The only time he shuts up is when he is sucking cock and he doesnt really do that much in this DVD.. Now dont get me wrong, i love listening to Chuck and think he is da bomb but i dont think everyone will love listening to him in action as much as i do - so make sure to check the trailer before buying this title.


Daddy's Asian Lover

Posted by Admin on August 25th, 2015 in Free Daddy Pictures

Mature Fucked By Asian Boy The General loves to sample the flavors of sex and has a wide span of different sexual partners taking care of his every sexual need. In this scene he is hooking up with a cute looking asian admirer and i know that people say that asian lads have small cocks but this guy appears to be doing ok in that department, not a huge cock on the lad but at least it looks to be of average size and thickness.. When you watch the scene it soon becomes clear that eventhough the lad isnt packing the biggest dick in the world he knows how to use what he has been given and working over The Generals mature body he makes sure to come full circle starting with a good old 69 position and then moving on from there working over The Generals nipples and then fucks his ass and spews his hot load all over the mature body like was it rejuvenation lotion.

Action Hero

Posted by Admin on August 24th, 2015 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

He's my hero. I'm his greatest fan. Who is he? Why, he's Action Hero, of course. That's right, Action Hero. You know him. He's on TV every Saturday morning hosting those morning shows like the ones you used to watch when you were growing up. Now, I'll get to meet him for the first time. My dad just became his agent.

"Hi, Billy, I'm Action," he thrust his hand forward to shake mine. His grip was so tight and so strong my palm sweated. He wore his full uniform, red from head-to-toe, with the white star on the blue band that runs across his chest. Wow! What a chest!

"Are those really your muscles?" I asked impulsively referring to the incredible bulges everywhere. Did I say that? It wasn't just his biceps and thighs. Action's suit fit his every muscle. When my eyes wondered down to his crotch I saw more than I ever expected. His uniform didn't fit that way on the Wheaties box.

He smiled from under his mask. His eyes lit up. His teeth sparkled, just like on TV. The ends of his mouth curled up and his smile broadened. Although, he looked as sinister as he did sincere like when I'm pulling a fast one on my friends. All I can tell you is I wanted to kiss him right then and there. Could he know that as I grew up I used to play with myself in bed at night dreaming about him? Boys are supposed to dream about cars and guns and sports, they say, and eventually about girls. But, I creamed over Action. He's my Hero and always will be.

College Bound

Posted by Admin on August 23rd, 2015 in General Erotic Gay Stories

He arrived at the bus terminal and looked around.

The letter told him some students would meet him and take him to the campus. Usually his father or mother went with him but this weekend, he was on his own.

East Raget College was a small school but it was famous when it came to computers especially Internet service software. More then one student had become a millionaire, one or two while still in this college.

Eddie loved computers as much as his older brother loved flying and his younger one loved playing football.

Cliff was in the Air Force and Mickie was all state. Eddie was sent letters offering partial scholarships too. In fact East Raget offered a full one.

Eddie looked around for some students probably typical geeks. He knew he was probably thought of as a geek too in his high school, though his fame at computer games seemed to make most of the kids respect him.

"Hey you the Ryan kid?" Eddie turned and saw a tall, good looking guy standing there. His tanned shoulders shot out of his tank top making Eddie want to stare.

"You uh Ed Ryan?" another voice asked. The other guy was Eddies' height, wore shorts and a tee shirt.

"Uh yea" Eddit said trying not to sound like a high school kid "I'm Ryan" he smiled.

He hoped the erection in his jeans wasn't detectable. He always hardened when he saw athletic guys.

"You guys from Raget?" Eddie said looking a bit confused.

Super Cute Daddies

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Super Cute Daddies

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