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Brandons Bed Bang

Posted by Admin on February 14th, 2016 in General Erotic Gay Stories


This story is completely fictional made for the sexual enjoyment of readers. If you are offended by any material containing homosexual relationships between two high school aged students, are under the age of 18, or it is illegal for you to view this type of material, please leave this page now. I, or nifty.org are not responsible for your actions. This was not written by a 16 year old, but was written to relive old fantasies. Thank you.


The doorbell rang as I sat at my computer checking e-mail. I jump up and walk to the door to greet some of my two best friends, Alex and Brandon. These two have been dating for almost a year, but I had a feeling Brandon was gay. The way he walked, the way he talked, the way he bonded with me while Alex wasn't there just hinted me in that he was gay, and my god that turned me on. I've loved Brandon since the first time I met him, and I always wanted and dreamed to be with him. We did everything together, including playing strip poker and relaxing in hot tubs together, everything a gay guy would want to do with another sexy gay guy. I knew I loved him. Brandon was about 5'7, an inch shorter than I, with short black hair. He had the biggest brown eyes and the cutest smile. He was thin, and not very muscular, with a nice flat tummy. He had about a 6 inch cut dick, from what i've seen out of his swimming pool bathing suit boners. He was 15 years old and looked great at it. I am Ryan, 16 years old and 5'8. I was semi muscular with big biceps and beginning 6-pack. I had a 7-8 inch cut dick, and a nice butt. I enjoyed playing lots of sports and was very active. "Hey Ryan!" Alex said, "Brandon and I decided to come over. Hope you don't mind." "No problem, you live here pretty much," I laughed. We all walked into my living room and sat down on the couch. We started working on homework and joked around for awhile, then it was time for Alex to leave. She got up and started to walk out, and Brandon kissed her goodbye. At this I felt my heart sink a little bit, no matter how often i've seen it. Once she left Brandon turned around and smiled at me. "Want to go hang out in your bedroom?" He said in a voice that made my heart pop back up and melt. "S-Sure," I said nervously. We began to walk out of the living room and down the hallway into my bedroom. I open the door and walk into the bedroom, only to turn around to see Brandon beginning to unzip his pants showing me his maroon colored boxers. I gasp and my mouth drops, awestruck, not knowing what I should say, when he says something for me. "Like what you see?" He asks then winks. I have no idea what to say, so I push him against the wall and begin to make out with him. I french kiss him like crazy, enjoying the moment I only had in a dream. I begin to move my hands down and push his pants to the floor. I grab his ass while kissing, oh so great! I rub and squeeze this perfect ass of his, then move to rubbing his rock hard cock. I lift up his shirt as he does mine, then he pushes me down onto my bed. He begins to kiss my nipples, moving down towards my jeans. He begins to unbutton and unzip my pants. I lean back and close my eyes, enjoying the feeling of his hands on my boxers. He begins to lick my hard dick through the boxers and I just push them down to give him access. His eyes bulge when he finally sees it, then rushes in and begins to suck. I lean my head back and let out a mighty moan as he fits it all into his mouth and begins to add suction. I run my hands through his soft black hair and push his head down into my cock. He moans at the increased pressure, but all the while seems to enjoy it. He stops sucking my dick and moves to my ass, licking and probing it with his tongue. I moan even more enjoying the great feeling. I feel the cum rising, and like clockwork, he begins to suck it all out. I cum like hell into his mouth, and smile as some of it leaks out. He finishes the deed and moves up and continues kissing me. I taste my own cum in his mouth, and decide that I need to return the favor. I push him down onto a pillow and start playing with his nipples. He begins to giggle so I move down and pull off his boxers. I begin to lick his balls and suck on them, then start licking the shaft. I slowly move up those 6 inches until i get to the head. I tickle the head of his cock, then take it all it. He lets out a low moan and rubs my hair. I love the feeling of his grip on my hair, so I begin to suck harder. I move faster up and down his cock then begin giving him a handjob. He closes his eyes in pleasure and squirts all over my chest and face. I move up and let him lick off all his cum. He rolls over onto his stomach, waiting to be screwed, so I happily oblige. I put my lubed up dick into his hole, very slowly. He seems a bit pained, not used to having a dick in his virgin ass, so I continue to take it slow. Once i'm all the way in, I let him adjust to it, and once I feel the muscles relax, I start moving in and out. He moans loudly at this and starts to move with the rythym. I lean forward and kiss him, muffling his moans. He kisses back, then parts. "Ryan, i'm about to cum all over your bed sheets!" He yells. I roll him over to I see him, keeping my dick in. He smiles and starts jacking off. I keep thrusting inward until he's about to cum. Once he starts leaking, I make a major thrust, watching his cum spurt all over his body. I pull out and begin jacking off, and cum over his face while he continues to squirt. He moans and smiles, then relaxes. I lie down next to him, ending our great sex with a kiss. "Wow...I need to come over more." He says exhausted. "Don't worry, i'll be waiting." I reply with a wink.

Super Cute Daddies

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Cumming Right Up

Posted by Admin on February 12th, 2016 in General Erotic Gay Stories

Here we go guys...

Our last class of the day just happened to be phys-ed. That day all the guys had been wrestling. The coach was not amused as several guys sat on other guys faces, also many of the guys would reach under a guy and grab his crotch instead of the standard beginners stance that was supposed to happen. The coach's fucking whistle was blowing non-stop, we were out of control. No wonder. 16, fifteen and sixteen year old boys wrestling around together. The coach must have thought he was brave to take on such a task with 16 young guys, hormones raging and have them wrestle each other with respect. All it takes is one joker and what class doesn't have one huh? Well in my case it just happened to be Bruno Palomino, one of the bully-jerk-jock types, Bruno being over six feet tall at the age of 16 was not missed, we called him stretch and he liked his title and the little jabs and jokes about his overwhelming height. He was even taller than our coach Mr. Fitzpatrick. Fitz was always callling Bruno a Wop, he had absolutely no use whatsoever for any guy who was Italian or of Italian decent. Mike St. John just happened to be the guy I was partnered up with that day by the coach. Mike and I tolerated each other, we really didn't have anything bad to say about each other, it just seemed as though we rubbed each other the wrong way and here we were wrestling around on one of the gym's mats getting sweaty together. Mike's odor I found very pleasant. The time his crotch ended up in my face turned me on. I just so happened to pin Mike down by sitting on his chest, my crotch extremely close to his neck. I laughed aloud pinning him down telling him to say uncle refusing to accept his slalp on the mat as his sign and acceptance of defeat. I looked into his eyes and said, "smell it". His face was beet red, he said, "I'll get you for that Berghoff". I laughed and said, "sure Sinjun, promises, promises". I finally released Mike as Coach leaned down and blew his fucking whistle so hard directly in my ear then screaming, "let up on the guy Berghoff". The fucking cocksucker of a coach, I could hear bells ringing instead of whistles blowing. As Mike stood, I slapped his ass and said, "that's mine". Bruno got a hold of two of the smallest guys in our class, Sinclair and Tarrytown, he grabbed both of them by their gym shorts and as they pivoted while hanging onto their shorts Bruno spun them so hard that the two of them crashed into each other and then they tumbled to the floor as 10 guys looked on, then howled in laughter. I couldn't help it, I laughed too, it was just so fucking comical looking. The two guys who tumbled were actually nice guys but still I had to laugh at their antics. Of course Coarch came running blowing that fucking whistle of his saying, "Order, order, come on boys, knock off the games, this is a class, come to order now". Giles couldn't resist I guess as he said, "yeah guys, KUM to order", as he grabbed his crotch then said, "KUM and get it, I don't charge".John K. piped up and said, "like who the fuck would pay for 1/2 an inch?" Even the coach choked on that one as he tried blowing his fucking whistle again. It was probably John B. who yelled out, "Coach, get a horse". The entire class cracked up knowing that the Coach was clueless as to what John B. meant. "Alright now, who said that, was it you Zimmer?" No reply from anyone. Stupid Coach then said, "so what do I do with a horse?" John B. must have had his back to us cuz his voice reverberated from the gymnasium's walls. He said, "jump off your whistle and blow your horse". Billy who was fat and jolly fell to his knees rolling in laughter banging one of his fists on the floor mat. Of course the rest of us guys went into hysterics simultaneously, Bruno being the loudest. Half the guys sounded like young giggling girls, I was ready to piss myself. How Coach kept a straight face beats me. Blowing his whistle again like a wildman Coach got us all to form a circle. We did so quickly blocking coach trying to enter. We stood shoulder to shoulder. Well most of us did ! "MOVE" !!! said, Coach. Giggling Billy and Art the Farter parted so that Coach could enter the circle. Art of course blew a silent but deadly which cracked up Billy the moment he caught the scent. Billy's tummy jiggled like new jello. "Pee, U", half the guys cried out. Even Coach's nose twitched in disgust. He said, "Arthur, has anyone ever told you that when you pass gas it smells as if a dead animal crawled up your hole and died?" The entire class including Arthur screamed in laughter. We finally composed ourselves and Bruno said, "good one Coach". Coach began, "I gotta tell you guys, you've really disappointed not only me today but you've embarrassed the school with your filthy, vile, and vulgar behavior during one of your classes, what do I have to do with you guys or do you want to run track and field in your shorts in the middle of winter, will that help?" Why oh why did Coach ask stupid questions with a group of young teens. There's always one who can't shut the fuck up. Yup, you guess it guys, it was Bruno who said, "do we get fur lined jock-straps coach cuz if we do, I wouldn't mind". That did it. Coach turned and walked up to Bruno saying, "look here Palomino, drop and give me 20 pushups, NOW". Bruno looked down at the coach with a twisted face which he must have tried immitating Coach's. Then he replied, "drop dead or drop to your knees and suck me off again Coach, it's been about a week". Dan & Jimmy told us later that the Coach looked like he was ready to murder Bruno. Coach screamed, "get out of here now Palomino before I do something to you even I might one day regret, move it mister and do it now, get down to that fucking office as fast as your feet can carry you mister of so help me God, I'll...........". "You'll what, blow me again and don't try to deny it Coach, you've sucked me off at least once a week since first term began and if you try to deny it the whole city will know by the time I reach home including my father and his company, don't forget he's in the mob". Coach turned and threw his whistle hitting the hardwood floors saying, "I quit, you fucking faggot of a Wop, I'll see you in court". Coach burst betweenJean-Pierre and Luke, he headed towards the exit. A "Hip, Hip, Hooray" broke the silence. Bruno said, one down, none to go guys. We cracked up laughing again. The Principal arrived two minutes later. Talk about a change in attitude. Before him stood 16 sweet as pie looking Angels, heads bowed. Thank God Bruno played along, I thought for sure he was going to break out into singing Psalm 123. Principal Myers said, "boys, boys, I apologize for Coach, I don't know yet what has happened, he down in the main office ranting and raving like a maniac, I think he must have a lot of personal stress in his life, the poor man but I realized from the way he's dressed that he had a class in progress so I had to get up here right away yet I have to be in my office also, my secretary Miss Williams had to call for an ambulance, Coach looks like he ready to take a seizure, Jack do you think it's at all possible for you to take control of the rest of the class since it's the last class of the day and make sure the gym is tidied up before you guys leave and oh yes Jack, make sure all the boys jump into the shower after class, it seems as though you boys had wrestling today, could you do that for me Jack?" Talk about long winded huh? I humbly looked at Principal Myers and said, "sure Mr. Myers, no problem, we were all worried about Coach, all of a sudden he just flipped out". Principal Myers thanked me, he turned and left the gym quickly, his ass swishing since he was a pudgy little man with very short legs and top heavy, with only a fringe of hair circling his head looking like a brown halo. Ten seconds after he exited the class broke out into a fit of laughter. I did too. It was amazing how all of us could compose ourselves, even for 5 seconds. Looking at the floor helped. Arthur had stood in front of Billy to block his fat tummy which was shaking while Principal Myers gave his little speech. I looked over at Bruno and said, "we proud of you Stretch, you kept your composure with the best of them". He replied, "I had to, do you think I wanted to be anywhere near Coach at or during his hour of need, in a state like he's in?" Maybe Bruno was a good guy after all. I was about to let out a long whistle but I thought twice. I clapped my hands hard once and said, "come on guys, let's put this stuff away and jump into the showers". Billy said, "but the class still has 15 minutes to go Jack". I said, "yeah Billy we know but the showers are more fun, you should know that. "Who's turn is it today?", I called out. It just so happened to be Mike, the dude who's chest I had sat upon earlier. He raised his hand slowly wearing a grimace on his face. "Come on Mikey, fair is fair, if you want to be part of the gang then it's your turn", I said. Bruno said, "nobody's gonna hurt you Mike and besides Mike you were last in line, everyone else has taken a turn, you just happened to be last that's all", Bruno continued. "Okay, okay", Mike replied, "I know, come on guys, let's get it over with. Four of the guys in our class spoke up and said, "I'll take your turn for you Mike". Myself and two others said, "oh no you won't you fucking cum hounds, you guys swallow so much cum that it's amazing you guys aren't pregnant". Arthur blew a huge monster of a loud fart which made the whole class laugh again. All the mats were put away within three minutes, we all headed for the shower. Half of us had our tops off before we exited the gym doors heading to the schools' shower rooms. As we were about to pass the girls shower room Franklin our just so it happened to be Black token classmate said, "hey Bruno, this is your stop". Even Bruno laughed before he told Franklin to suck him off. Franklin said, "what again, I thought Coach was your type". How Franklin tolerated being the only black kid in our class defies the meaning of tolerance and patience. Luckily Franklin shone during the month of February, Black History Month, he filled out pea brains of Black History, he was a wonderful storyteller and everyone got along with him. We could be jerks, one and all but we did not tolerate racism, we are and were all equals. I thought to myself, "fuck, it's too bad that Mark Harada is off today. Mark my best friend who happened to be of Japanese decent was a great guy, someone always ready to help you out expecting nothing in return. And Mark was hot. There was something about Mark and me when we were alone that did something to me. I could sit and stare at him as he described anything. He did so in such detail and he made anything sound interesting. I loved his black eyes. I loved looking at him period, his body and any and every part of his anatomy. His voice was gentle yet firm at the same time, he could get anyone to listen to him. Little did I think that he'd grow up and end up in politics. Reality returned as Mike, last in line entered the shower room. Billy said, "keep it quiet guys, if they knew what we were doing they'd lock us all up in a nuthouse". Billy had stripped down quicker than a fruit fly. Not a shy bone in his body. Billy grabbed his Willy as he called it and tried to twirl it while laughing at the same time which only made anyone else seeing him laugh also. I gotta admit that Billy had the cutest looking little cock if there is such a thing. It pointed straight out all the time, hard or soft, just a little thing sometimes puckered up when it wasn't erect. Even when he was hard his little Willy was an inch and a half long but Billy thought he was hung like a horse and by the way he chatted he could almost make you believe him. Talking about hung,you'd think Bruno would have had "The Big One" huh? Nope, not by a long shot. It was Mike, his cock was over 6 inches long and he was only 15. He had a good sized set of balls on him too. Jean-Pierre came in second, me 6th in line, Bruno coming in 9th. No big deal, the whole class became very comfortable with each others cocks, there was no discriminating about cocks either. A cock, was a cock, was a cock. The rest of us stripped down and we all tossed our shorts and tops anywhere and everywhere they landed, Mike being last of course. I said, "come on Mike, you're always last". He looked at me and said, "someone has to be last". I replied, "yeah true but you've got the meat and today you are the receiver, you lucky dog". Mike leered at me before smiling. Billy said, "come on guys, form a circle, get ready, load up" ! Fuck he was a funny dude. Mike stood in the circle. We waited patiently. Finally he approached Franklin, he reached out and gave Franklin's dick ayank. "BRAVO", everyone said, "way to go Franklin". Lucky guy, I thought, Franklin who came in 3rd was the one who was going to fuck Mike today. I was so horny, who wasn't huh, but I wanted to fuck Mike bad. Billy said, "pass the lube John K., come on, take your time and hurry up". Billy could always make us laugh. The KY was passed along, John B. had it in his locker. Billy said, "who's got the honors today, speak up or forever hold someone else's piece". Arthur, still laughing raised his hand. We all groaned. Arthur flashed a toothpaste commercial smile at everyone. You could see he was trying to force himself to fart. "Knock it off Arthur", I said, "give us all a fucking break for at least 30 minutes or we'll jump you and take turns farting on your face". He spun around and said, "okay, I guess I could try". Bruno said, "try harder you fart". Bruno, so fucking skinny and tall. We know he ate food even though he looked anorexic. He'd eventually put gain some weight. Billy said, "come on guys, I don't see everyone jerking". All the guys hands got busy to begin to jerk their own cock. Billy looked around and said, "now that's more like it". Billy somehow grabbed hold of his little pecker and joined the wanking. Franklin had lubed Mike's ass liberally as well as lubing up his black piece of tasty looking meat. The circle began to slowly move counter clockwise as the rest of us jerked slowly. "Fuck him Franklin, Fuck Mikey", said John K. Mike bent over and reached for his ass cheeks which he parted slowly. Franklin got the head of his cock at the entracne to Mike's ass hole. He pressed forward until the head of his cock vanished inside of Mike's hot looking hole. Mike pulled a sour looking face but he didn't moan or groan or cry out in pain. Franklin was a good guy and a great fucker too. He wasn't into pain. He didn't proceed further until Mike had instructed him to do so. When Jasper Simpson saw the action close up as we rotated he said, "oh man, I'm gonna cum, I can't stop myself". Perry Herandez said, "me too guys". Billy said, "step forward guys, you know what to do". Jasper stood on the left side of Mike, Perry on the other side of him and Franklin. Perry aimed his cock high and his first ribbon of cum shot forth hitting Mike on the side of his face, his second ribbon of boy cum hitting Franklin's chest. Franklin said, "Mike, not me Perry, you can't even aim straight". Jasper blew his first load, it shot hard and hit Mike's left arm which splashed all over, even Franklin had to close his eyes because of splashback cum. Perry shot a third small ribbon hiting Mike's right calf and foot. Jasper shot for the second time as Franklin thrust forward after hearing Mike's command. Jasper's second load squirted between Mike's ass and Franklin's lower gut. Jasper also shot for the third time missing Mike completely, his wad going astray which landed close to Jean-Pierre's feet. Everyone who say it groaned in dismay. John B. and John K. broke ranks next. All these quick cummers, it was sad really since Franklin had just begun to fuck Mike's ass. John K. stood in front of Mike and he said, "look up Mike, let me hit your face". Mike raised himself up a little after releasing his ass cheeks. John K. shot his first wad hitting Mike's lips. Mike tightened up on Franklin's cock, you could tell by the reaction on Franklin's face. John K's second wad hit Mike's upper chest as did his third ribbon of boy cum. So far only 3 shooters who shot 3 times each. John B. stood quickly in front of Mike and said, "open up Mike, I've got a treat for you". It was in the rules, if one of the guys wanted to shoot or try to shoot into your mouth that was okay with everyone, we had all okayed the action. As Mike opened wide John B.'s perfect shot hit Mike perfectly, almost every drop entered Mike's mouth. The rest of us said, "SWALLOW, SWALLOW", Mike had to swallow John B.'s cum. John B. shot again hitting Mike's left nipple, his third ribbon hitting his left nipple. Franklin held Mike's hips as he was now fucking Mike full force. Franklin was totally enjoying himself. It seemed as though Mike was enjoying it to. As he swallowed John B's cum, Mike's cock which had only ever been semi-erect was now fully erect and Mike's cock was oozing precum nectar. Billy said, "Franklin, fuck Mike harder, make Mike shoot his cum as you fuck him, remember Mike you can't touch your own cock". Mike shook his head affirming what Billy had said. Bruno said, "are you ready to gulp Mike?" This was a good one. Bruno now stood in front of Mike, he told him to open wide, telling him that he was going to blow a huge volcano of a cum load into his mouth. My cock was oozing so much precum nectar. "Wider", Bruno said. Mike obeyed. Bruno shot hard and long, him being so tall he was able to stand only inches from Mike's open mouth as he shot hard filling Mike's mouth. "SWALLOW, SWALLOW", we said. Bruno held of his second load by squeezing his dick hard, Bruno said, "Gulp is more like it Mike and get ready for my next one". Mike looked like he was drunk. He opended his mouth for Bruno's 2nd ribbon, Bruno shot just as much as his first wad. "SWALLOW, SWALLOW". Mike swallowed fast. Two more times Bruno filled Mike's hungry mouth as Franklin now began pounding Mike's ass. Franklin wasn't allowed to cum until everyone else had shot their cum at Mike or in his mouth. Billy was next to stand before Mike. It was amazing how Billy did it. His dick really didn't look any bigger but man oh man when he shot it arched up in the air and came crashing down on Mike's shoulders twice, much of it landing on Franklin's chest. Billy shot three more times, his little pecker knew how to suck up those reserves of cum deep within him. Mike's chest was dripping wet, cum drizzling all over him. Franklin continued fucking Mike. I wanted to be last and so it was, one by one the other guys stepped forward sometimes the next guy began cumming as he stepped up to the cum plate. Mike drank so much cum. When I stepped forward Franklin looked as if he was going to receive a piece of candy for the first time. All I had to do was start cumming and Franklin could begin to unload his built up seed and deposit in inside Mike's hot ass hole. I whispered to Mike, "Mike will you take it in your mouth, you don't have to, I'm only asking, would you let me put my cock in your mouth and cum too?" Mike nodded his head yes quickly. Mike softly said, "Jack, I'll suck you off anytime, give meyour cock and I'm going to cum also". I smiled as Mike leaned down. I held my oozing cock for him. He opened his mouth. I nodded to Franklin giving him the okay to cum. All the guys chanted, "FUCK HIM, FUCK HIM, FUCK HIM, FRANKLIN, SUCK HIM, SUCK HIM, SUCK HIM, MIKE". Franklin's legs began to wobble a little I was later told as he began to empty his 4 loads of cum up Mike's tight ass. I shot 4 hot long ribbons of my cum into Mike's mouth as his tongue twirled under the head of my dick. Mike began shooting as my 2nd ribbon shot and hit the back of his throat. Mike's cum hit my feet three times, my toes were squishing in his cum. Mike came four times also, his 4th ribbon missed my feet but that was cool. I popped my cock out of Mike's mouth as Franklin whipped his cock out of Mike's hot smoking ass.

Joe And Sherwin

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Daddies Passioned Boy Toy This scene is so filled with the true passion between a super sexy silverdaddy Joe and his younger admirer with a twinkest body that you hardly noticed that they dont start fucking untill you are 25 minutes into the movie. All their passion, kissing, licking, tugging and rimming just makes your blood boil and makes your juices ready to fly. When they do start fucking and Sherwin climbs on top of Joes cock, riding him hard while shifting his own gears the scene gets complete and is a brilliant example of passion between a silverdaddy and his admirer.

Super Cute Daddies

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No Gray - No Play

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The DVD "No Gray - No Play" from MatureGayDVDs.com contains 2 seperate movies or scenes if you will, both scenes features daddies having hardcore sex with their admirers..

The first scene features a hot latino admirer by the name of Diego - Diego is the typical latin lover and he takes great pride in making sure his daddies every need is pleasured. It just so happens that both Diego and his playdaddy Derrick are cracy about playing with and eating precum so after a bit of cock sucking they get down to having fun with precum.. Diego sits on top of Derrick and begins to feed him his own precum as they play and kiss.

After the precum play Diego starts to fuck Derrick from behind and after a good fuck they switch to another position where Derrick rides on top of Diego and he rides him hard for a good long time then they switch positions again and this time Derrick is placed on his back on the couch with his legs spread to allow Diego to truly work on his ass all the while they eat the precum from Derricks cock.

Finally Diego pulls out and goes to Derricks head, does a few quick strokes and delivers his hot man juice on Derricks face and mouth.

The second installment on this DVD is a very hardcore scene featuring Edward and a daddy named Charles.. Now Edward we have seen before as he gets fucked by Chucks fat cock in Daddy's Play Room but this is the first DVD that features Charles but dont worry, we will be seeing plenty of him in other titles from Mature Gay DVDs as he is in at least 3 of their titles.

The scene starts out with Charles and Edward sitting on a white leather couch and Edward gives Charles a good round of oral satisfaction to get things going. The blowjob starts with Charles sitting and then decides to take it like a man standing up as his cock gets ready for fucking he gets behind Edward and bents him over the couch and fucks him hard and long from behind.as its time to change position Edward is put on his side on the couch and Charles gets up behind him and this position allows him to truly work his cock deep into Edwards willing asshole and Edward is fucked so hard you can basically see his eyes change color from blue to brown - it is clear to anyone who have watched this scene that Edward loves a good rough hard fuck where a big dick is hammered into his ass with full force and Charles is doing just that. Edward wants to be on top too and gets up and rides Charles' dick to the root while jerking on his own piece of man meat.

In the final installment of the scene Edward is put on his back on the couch and charles works his ass from above getting some real power behind the thrusts again and going just as deep as before and Edward takes a good pounding untill Charles pulls out and blows his load all over his ass, cock and balls.


The Stadium

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Legal Disclaimer: This story contains homoerotic content. If this offends you, or if it is illegal for you to access such content, please press the 'Back' button on your browser now.

The characters in this story are not based on real people, alive or dead, and the events in this story are not based on real life events that the author has been a part of or seen. Much to his disappointment. The sports team mentioned in this story is not based on any real sports team. Any similarities in names is purely coincidental as they are all made up by the author.

The author grants the Nifty Archive a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free, perpetual, and non-cancelable license to display the work.

Author's Note: Although I have posted other stories on Nifty, this is chronologically the first story I wrote. It was actually custom written for one of my friends based on his specifications, so it may not work for everyone. Additionally, the story is written in first person, from the perspective of you as the character (e.g. You walk forward and sit down. Your eyes roam around etc etc.). If anyone has any comments on whether this works or sucks, I'd love to hear them. Any other comments are also welcome. aleksandercaspian@gmail.com

The Stadium

It was a little difficult to jar open the tiny window into the Stadium locker room, but being the avid Hawks fan you are, you reason it will be worth it. You can't wait to get Rickson's autograph: you've followed him all across the east coast of Australia trying to meet him, but so far no luck. Then, Eureka! The Hawks' return home for the series final game, and a friend of yours who is responsible for cleaning the stadium promised to unlock a window for you. It's finally going to happen! You squeeze your slender but lightly muscled frame through the tight window, wincing as your cK shirt gets dirt scraped across the sleeves.

Derrick And Diego

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Daddies Sexy Latino Lover Holy Moly, what a perfect speciment - simply a text book example of a silverdaddy, head full of silver grey hair, a fury silver chest to match and to complete the package he appears to have the perfect cock sucking mouth and a very hungry ass that his latino lover does everything in his power to satisfy. Seeing Daddy Derrick suck his latino admirers cock and making it grow is so sexy and the precum play going on between the two in the scene is wonderfull to watch. It ofcourse leads to a monster of a bareback fuck fest between this perfect silverdaddy and his passioned latino lover.

Hunter And Charles

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Matures Fucking Outdoors From what i have been told this is the only scene ever shot with Daddy Charles where he bottoms. Normally we see him hammering his cock into the ass of some lucky boy but in this scene he gets his ass fucked by Hunters big cock and from the looks of it he is enjoying the experience of getting fucked just as much as he does fucking younger admirers. Both models are hot as hell and prime examples of mature men having fun and enjoying some great sex, sucking each others cocks, rimming and fingering each others ass before getting into the hot switching action of fucking each other silly.


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A tale in two halves.

From the diary of Mr A Hoxton.

"Your face, Fenton, does not interest me in the least. Kindly concentrate on your work".

So you see, Diary, such is how it began. Fenton was sitting there, at the front of the class through no fault of his own, idling away his time gazing languidly into space - never mind the pearls of wisdom I had cast before the class, to hell with the vital notes on Oedipus that I'd painstakingly scrawled on that damned whiteboard, the boy actually sat there and stared with eyes that are a trifle too watery. This is, I suppose, a typical Class Civ student.

Ah! Class Civ! Classical Civilisation, the bastard son of classics and the curse of anyone who knows Greek and Latin and is compelled to teach it out of a love of sound learning, of inculcating wit, of fomenting a respect for the ancients. Of course, its only a subject to fill the timetable - the only people who take it are those damned "popular people" - more muscle than mind. The Americans would call Fenton a jock; but the British have no such idiom and so I must simply call him a thick-sporty-type; but a jock he is. And as he sat there, blonde hair in the sunbeam in a most cliched parody of ephebic beauty (for no ephebe had that sort of gelled up hair look he goes for), he blushed a deep crimson at my reprimand and looked down, to his no doubt incomprehensible essay title. The rest of the class, the barbarians crowded round, laughed at this fun. Still Fenton is easily one of the brainier ones in the upper sixth class civ.

My Buddys Son

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It had been almost twenty-five years since I had seen Jimmy. We had been stationed in the same unit in the army for about six months. I had an immediate attraction to him because he was so good looking, well built but not overly and hung like a horse with low hanging balls. I knew I liked men but also knew that to make a wrong move in the army would have dire consequences. He didn't go out with girls because he had a sweetheart back home he was going to marry when he got out in six months. That was perfect for me because I wanted to spend all my free time in his presence. I had told him a partial truth, saying that I had just gotten a "Dear John" letter from a girl I deeply loved and wasn't ready for other women at this time. The actual truth was a girl I had dated some at my last base had dumped me because I wasn't passionate enough in sex. My heart just wasn't in it and I knew why. I wanted men but was too afraid to do anything about it. I was stuck with my fantasy world and Jimmy was the right person to fill it. He was perfect for me and I gave him a buddy to hang with, without women to tempt him.

ThomDaddy And Rusty

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Sexy silverfox takes a dick up the ass! ThomDaddy has made quite a few scenes for maturegaydvds.com and i must admit i love watching this hot silverfox in action, wether it be in a solo scene or as here where he gets a guy to play with. Personally i would have liked the admirer to be a few years younger but perhaps thats just my personal preferrence showing ;) - One thing is sure, you cant say that Rusty, the admirer, doesnt bring the action and full service to this scene as he really puts in an effort making sure that ThomDaddy doesnt leave without having both spewed his load and been on the recieving end of a hot bucket of jizz!

Victor And Carl

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Victor Fucks Daddy Carl Traveling a lot Victor loves the hunt for a new daddy in every city where he has to spend the night and as his travels took him to the great state of Kansas he noticed that Daddy Carl was looking for a hot one night stand which suited him perfectly as he was booked to leave Kansas the next day. Daddy Carl was sexy older gentleman with just the perfect amount of grey hair, an experienced cucksucking mouth and a very cock hungry asshole so as soon as Victor got Carl into his bed these two mature guys went at it like love crazed teenagers and just fucked all through the night.. Victor never did catch his flight the next morning and ended up staying a couple of weeks extra in Kansas stuffing Carls insatiable hole.

Marks Next Day

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Here it is Saturday morning. I woke before Mark did. I was just lying there looking at him and thinking how nice he looks. I noticed he had a smile on his face. I was wondering what he was dreaming about. By the way his cock was standing out, it must have been some dream he was having. Mark wasn't the most handsome guy. But he did have a nice body and a great personality. I guess he took after his old man in those areas. He was beginning to wake up. He opened his eyes and said, "Good morning, Dad." "Good morning, son. Have a good night sleep?" "Oh, yeah, the best I have ever had." "You really must have been having a great dream there by the way your cock is standing up and oozing out cum."
"Oh, yeah, it was one hell of a dream. Dad. It was about you and me. But I am not going to tell you about it until you tell me about the bag in the shower."

"Well that will come later today. First we have to go to town and do some shopping. Ok? Get ready."

All the way to town he was bugging me about the bag. All I would tell him was, "You will see."