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Dressing Up Like Grandpa

Posted by Admin on May 1st, 2016 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

It was still early morning when Grandpa was setting off with my parents to take them to the airport. We had loaded the car, hugged and said goodbye, and for the first time that summer I was alone. I had been sharing a room with my cousins who had left the night before, and now my parents were going away for a fortnight to their holiday in the sun. I was feeling a little left out. It would be me and Grandpa for two weeks before I was sent home, and in his cottage in the hills the only entertainment was the hills themselves.

I waved as the car disappeared behind the hedges and went inside. The anxiety of imagined boredom soon gave way to excitable curiosity as I thought of all the things I could do in the next few hours that I hadn't been able to when the house was full. My cock was throbbing, but I didn't want to masturbate immediately. I wanted to do, or find, something to make it more exciting.

Going back into the kitchen there was a dresser where the alcohol was kept. It was always locked, but I had seen my parents taking the key from the top shelf of another cupboard and it wasn't long before I was sniffing the different whiskies and brandies. There were other mysterious looking bottles, some of which had sweet smells and other bitter, but I decided to start with a small slurp from the voluptuous looking cognac bottle. VSOP it said. The innocuous honeyed hue didn't prepare me for the rasping sensation on my tongue and the fire that hit my throat. However, this was definitely naughty, and my cock responded well to the thrill. I rubbed myself through my pants as I took another, smaller, sip.

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Camping Trip With The Boys

Posted by Admin on April 29th, 2016 in General Erotic Gay Stories

It was along time ago and many summers have passed since that summer of 87. I use to take some of the inner city boys on camping trips. Most of them had never seen the great outdoors except for pictures in books. There was a lake and a large cabin that was donated for use to use every year. I had five boys that summer, Alex, David, Carl, John and Todd. They ranged in ages from thirteen to fifteen with Alex and David being the oldest.

I spotted them up behind the cabin one day with their pants down. They were masturbating one another. I didn't see any harm in that in fact it made my cock hard just watching them. The next day John was fishing down by the shore of the lake. I went off to see where the others were. I found Alex and David at it again. This time they had Carl and Todd with them. I thought I might have trouble with them, I just didn't know how much.

Both the younger boys were stark naked, hands tied behind their backs and down on their knees sucking the cock's of the two older boys. Carl was in front of Alex sucking away on his dick while Todd was kneeling in front of David sucking away on his dick. This time I knew I had to do something so I stepped out into the open.

"What's going on here?" I asked.

"It's a game of capture the flag we play." Alex spoke up.

"Yeah," David added.

"Well, how does that work?"

"Simple," said David. "We tie the flag to some bushes in the woods. The players have to get to the flag and capture it before getting captured themselves."

Victor And Marty

Posted by Admin on April 28th, 2016 in Free Daddy Pictures

Victor Fucks a Tanned Daddy Taking a short tip of the Florida Keys for a bit of rest and relaxation Victor happen to meet Daddy Marty, a Florida Keys resident Marty spends a lot of time in the sun working the huge garden around his house and Victor simply loves a nice mature man with a killer tan so he worked his magic and got Marty to spend the night with him in his Hotel room. Marty was very eager to get the action going and basically ripped Victors shirt and pants off before they entered the hotel room and this basically set the pace for one of the hottest mature man fucking mature man video i have ever seen.. Daddy Marty takes everything that Victor can throw at him and at the end he looks like he could have gone another 3 rounds without tiring.

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Grandpa Jerking Off His Meat

Posted by Admin on April 26th, 2016 in Hot Free Sites

Asian Vacation

Posted by Admin on April 25th, 2016

The DVD "Asian Vacation" from MatureGayDVDs.com contains 2 seperate movies or scenes if you will. Both scenes have the very well known and much loved General DeSade aka The General getting fuck by his admirers.

The first scene is a 3 way scene with The General, a young asian guy and a older masked guy. The scene is a total amateur scene, not the quality of it but meaning that it was shot by guys who where watching the fucking and as they where not professionel cameramen there is sometimes a bit of shaking or other such little things. Now let it be said from the start of this review that when you view the scene it doesnt matter one bit - the scene is an instant classic in any daddy video collection for sure.

Now the scene starts out with The General on his back on a big bed and working over the cocks of his 2 admirers with him mouth - we get a good close up of his skills and also see a good close up of the admirers hands working on The Generals nipples , he is very much into nipple play as you can see from this and other scenes.

After some good double cock sucking and nipple play The General is put on his tommy facing away from the camera, as the young asian admirer works over his ass with a good round of deep rimming The General sucks the masked admirers cock. As the young admirer has the hole worked good and ready with his tongue he gets on top of The General and starts working on his ass with his cock - The General continues to cuck on the masked admirers cock and we get a few close up of both the fucking and cock sucking.

At one point in the scene The General is mounted on top of the masked admirer riding his cock deep and hard and then the asian admirer steps up and wants a piece of the action as well so he slides his cock into the asshole aswell - so there we have it The General taking 2 dicks in his ass and enjoying every bit of it as they both works their cocks in and out of his hungry hole

The second scene is of The General and a nice looking young asian admirer who has a nice size cock for an asian guy, we all know they are hung small right ;) - but anyways not this strapping young lad, he packs a cock that would make any man happy. Now the scene starts out with The General sucking on the cock getting it good hard and ready for some action.

The asian admirer returns the favor for a bit and when he is done with that he goes back and sticks his cock into The Generals mouth for some more sucking action and as a "thank you kind sir" he works over The Generals nipples.. Its nice to see a scene that focus on more than just fucking and sucking, this DVD clearly show that men have other erotic zones than just the tip of his cock and the end of his ass! Something that is much overlooked in other productions if you ask me...

The hardcore fucking action of this scene is broken into multiple parts as they change position a few times through out the scene and the room they are shooting in has the added bonus of being filled with mirrors so we get to see the sex from different angles and still follow the face of The General as he gets banged up good by this young horny lad.

But as with all other great things, everything has to come to an end and this scene ends as the asian admirer stands over The Generals body and blows his creamy load right into and onto his face. The General looks very pleased by the whole experience and why not, its well known that cum is good for the skin right...


Passion For Daddies

Posted by Admin on April 24th, 2016

The DVD "Passion For Daddies" from MatureGayDVDs.com contains 2 seperate movies or scenes if you will, both scenes have a heavy focus on petting, passion and some hardcore action to top everything off..

The first scene features a daddy and admirer from Australia that are truely into each other and if you are into daddies and admirers making out more than they fuck then this scene would sit very very well with you as Joe and Sherwin spend the majority of the scene kissing, petting sucking cock and generally just enjoying each others company and bodies without the need for hardcore penetration. The final 5 or so minutes of the scene shows a quick penetration where Sherwin is on top of Joe riding his cock but that is about all the hardcore action this scene has to offer..

Now compared to the run time of the scene the hardcore portion is a little bit shorter than i would have personally wanted but the raw passion and sexual heat between the models more than make up for the lack of hardcore action.. As i said if you want to watch nothing but hardcore action then this DVD probably isnt for you but if you want to see passion, petting, kissing and making out then you need to check out this DVD if for no other reason than to view the passion in this scene of Joe and Sherwin.

The second scene features an old guy by the name of Tom and a rent boy that he wanted to fuck, Sebastian the rent boy, loves daddies and caters especially to daddies when he escort so eventhough he is a rent boy his passion and dedication to getting Tom off is real.

The scene starts out with them standing and kissing each other as they undress and as soon as they are undressed Sebastian goes to his knees and starts working on Toms cock with his mouth to get him good and hard and ready for the penetration.. When Toms cock is good and hard Tom sits down on the white leather couch, deja vu anyone ? , and Sebastian mounts him and starts riding his cock in hard strokes to the root.. As they change positions Sebastian bents over the couch and Tom works his ass from behind in long strokes ramming him good and hard with the full length and force of his dick.

Sebastian is then put on his back on the couch and Tom goes to his knees and sticks it to him again hammering it into him for a good period of time as they change positions again they go back to Sebastian riding Toms cock untill Tom blows his load in the rubber with his dick still deep inside Sebastians asshole

I strongly suggest you check out the trailer for this DVD to see if it is something that would suit your taste - the passion displayed in the scene with Joe and Sherwin is a must have for all that enjoys seeing a daddy and his admirer playing around in bed and totally worshipping each others body and presents.


Nipple Sluts

Posted by Admin on April 23rd, 2016 in General Erotic Gay Stories

He was a nipple slut. You couldn't tell by looking at him. He looked like a regular guy, well-built --very well built, lean, muscular, lithe, and graceful. He was on the basketball team and the swimming team. He was studying to be an architect. He was entirely masculine, all-male. Around Columbia, he dressed like a slob, baggy jeans, backwards baseball cap, floppy faded t-shirts, dirty sneakers.

Weekends, once it got warm, he went down to Greenwich Village. Coming up the steps from the Seventh Avenue IRT at Sheridan Square he pulled his black t-shirt off, stuffed it in his back pocket and walked slowly on Christopher Street and the surrounding streets in tight jeans without a shirt, bare-chested, bareheaded, leather boots. Sometimes when he pulled off his t-shirt, he had on underneath it a skin-tight sleeveless elastic black shirt cut low in the front to reveal his nipples. Head erect, eyes cast down, he was hot and proud and ready to burst.

He belongs to any man who handles him by the nipples. He does not have a permanent master. He gives himself promiscuously to every man who knows how to take him. After the scene he vanishes, doesn't even make a pretense of exchanging phone numbers.

With each new guy, it's a new experience. So he can do the same thing over and over because he knows how to keep it new.

He's muscular and tough, lithe and lean, forbidding and unapproachable, unless you dare ignore the image and take hold of his nipples. Then his eyes lose focus; he swoons, and you can take him home all night long.

My Black Muscled Dad

Posted by Admin on April 22nd, 2016 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

My first gay encounter was with my super hardcore bodybuilding dad. His 10" dick is abolutely to die for. One saturday two weeks after my 19th birthday, my mother had to leave my father and I on a business trip to another city. She always did that anyway but I was not always left with my father because he was busy too. Also we did not have a very close relationship for us to spend an entire weekend together.

That same evening the TV in my room crashed and got really fucked up. So I had to go to the lounge to watch some videos. At about 12 midnite my father woke up and went for his routine midnite snack. I decided to have some snacks also and so as I proceeded towards the kitchen but I heard him groun and mourn. I proceeded slowly and peeped at the corner of the door. What I saw amazed me, he had ice on his croutch smoothly and slowly rubbing it. Although he was wearing underwear he was naked exposing his masterpiece of a body. His veins shown like pipes pumping blood. He was so hot, sexy and hard as rock. his 10" dick was incredible. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. His crispy brown skin made him seem dark and mystereous. He was the best think that had ever happened to me. Then suddenly I went stiff like a pool stick, he did not stop at all to rub himself. He suddenly proceeded to the door that I was peeping through. I ran as fast as I could to the sofa at the lounge and pretended to be watching TV.

Shane And Me

Posted by Admin on April 21st, 2016 in General Erotic Gay Stories

I was bored, it was a hot day I decided to go to the beach my mother packed me a lunch and I set off the 2 miles to the beach that I go to, a secluded small beach.

Let me tell you about myself I am Keith 15 years old the youngest son of a white farmer in South Africa and not the bit least interested in farming my heart lay in the giant rail steam engines that lumbered along the southern edge of the farm taking their wares to the big cities, how I longed to be on those.

It was a hot and dusty walk and I was glad when I got to the beach to cool off I dropped my stuff under a palm tree on the grass and stripped off my shirt and sandals and ran into the surf to swim "ooh it felt good in the blue ocean and I swam and swam until exhausted I staggered out. To my horror I saw a figure by my clothes sitting watching me frolic in the sea, as I got close I saw it was an Asian boy about my age I went to my towel and dried off somewhat looking at the boy who was a few feet away, I was feeling mad because I regarded this small beach as my own personal property and I glared at him, he smiled back at me timidly and my heart sank "oh god" I thought "he is so beautiful" my cock thickened and twitched in my wet shorts, I tried to stammer out a "what do you think you are doing here " type speech but it just came out as gobbledegook and I went red with embarrassment as he grinned at my pathetic expression then he glared as he cottoned on to my racist attitude "yes he said I am coloured but I don't see no segregation signs here so I have the same rights as you" I blushed and looked at my feet and kicked idly at the sand "my names Shane by the way what's yours ? He said "Kkkeith" I stammered "well Kkkeith" he countered "I am going to swim in OUR sea" and quickly stripped off his shirt and kicked off his sandals and ran into the surf.

Russian Daddies

Posted by Admin on April 20th, 2016

The DVD "Russian Daddies" from MatureGayDVDs.com contains 3 seperate movies or scenes if you will, all the models in this title are from Russian and therefor only speak russian so if you expect to follow along with the dialog better brush up on your russian language skills.

Eventhough you will not understand anything they say the action is still hot and lets face it how many of us watch these kinds of movie for the deep dialog between the "actors" - i know i sure as hell dont care about it , in fact i am pretty damn sure that the borring dialog in porn movies where the reason someone invented the fast forward button.

Now in scene 1 we see a plump daddy look over the escort ads in the local paper and then make a phone call for some call boys - as the boys gets to his room the 2 young lads sits down on each side of the daddy and undress as he watch then they help him undress and get ready for some action by letting the daddy service their cocks with his mouth.. He works each boy fairly and within minutes they are both rock hard and ready to get down to penetration but before we get thar far the daddy sucks a bit more cock as the two young boys kiss and make out.

As one of the boys starts to work on the daddys ass from behind the other gets up front and puts his dick into the daddys mouth demanding more tongue action as he awaits his turn to screw the old guy silly. The boys takes turns working through multiple positions and at one point the daddy is jerking off as an admirer sits on top of him so he can work his cock with his mouth as the boy sucks off the other youngster - dont worry if you having a hard time following this as i describe it - it is all clearly visable in the movie and to be totally honest the threesome between the daddy and the 2 admirers is reason enough to buy this DVD in my opinion.

Ok, now in scene 2 the daddy from scene 1 is back with another youngster and they dont waste any time getting right into the kissing, petting and undressing.. As soon as the admirer is out of his pants the daddy starts sloppering on his cock sucking like there was no tomorrow and the cock is fast to rise to the occasion - after a good round of oral action the admirer gets a little white dildo and starts working the mature guys ass to make sure he is ready for cock.. Now having seen him get fucked good in scene 1 we know his ass is up for the task but the dildo scene is rather sweet and thankfully it is short as well.

The daddy gets worked from behind and after a good fucking doggy style he lays down on his side on the couch and they fuck in that position and lastly he sucks his admirer off and gets a nice reward for this efforts

Scene no 3 is a short one and lets us follow a very shy admirer in the hands of a seasoned and experienced gentleman - judging from the scene it wouldnt surprise me if this was the admirers very first experience caught on film, and if that is indeed the case i must admit he handled it better than i would have.. The daddy undress him and they do some sucking both on their own and in the 69 position - once that is done they bring out a small red dildo and the daddy works the toy back and forth in the boys ass while playing with his balls after a good workover they switch and the daddy get the toy into his ass. The young first timer is now ready for some hardcore penetration and a short and somewhat covered fuck session plays out..

As i said at the start of this review, the models are all from Russia so you will probably not understand anything they say but hey, the language of fucking is universial so you will not have any problems enjoying the hardcore fucking and sucking that takes place.


Admirer Fucking A Fat Daddy

Posted by Admin on April 19th, 2016 in Hot Free Sites

Super Cute Daddies

Posted by Admin on April 18th, 2016 in Super Cute Daddies

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