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Gangbanged In Yellow Cab

Posted by Admin on October 6th, 2015 in General Erotic Gay Stories

It was a thursday nite, and I was hanging out with my boiz in one of the clubs in town; getting high and acting stupid. My boi Terrence had some killa weed, and we smoked a couple blunts before leaving. I said my good-byes to my hom-boiz, planning on catching up with them over the weekend sometime. I walked out of the club, and tried to flag down a cab. Being a young black man in New York, it's sometime hard to get a cab to stop for you.Five cabs passed me by before one finally stopped. I got in, and directed the driver to where I wanted to go.

Once on the road, I could feel the blunts I smoked with my boiz starting to kick into high gear. It hit me like a ton of bricks, and it seemed the world started spinning out of control. I decided to check my wallet, to get the money out before I got too fucked up to do it later. That's when I found out that I'd been pick pocketed.

The cab driver pulled into my neighborhood in the projects. As soon as he brought the car to a stop, I jumped out and tried to get away without paying. The cab driver jumped out and gave chase. I was so fucked up, that I couldn't keep my footing. I fell down to the ground, and couldn't get up. The cabby was on top of me before I knew it, dragging me back to his cab by my jacket collar.

I remember him shoving me into the back seat. I landed face down. I heard the door slam, then felt the car take off. I figured he was probably driving to the police station, to file a report and have me arrested. Whatever Terrence had put in that blunt had me so zonked, that I sort of passed out right then and there. I'm not sure just how long I was out, but I woke up to a searing pain shooting through my rectum. Someone was on top of me, shoving his dick up into my butt.

Asian Vacation

Posted by Admin on October 5th, 2015

The DVD "Asian Vacation" from MatureGayDVDs.com contains 2 seperate movies or scenes if you will. Both scenes have the very well known and much loved General DeSade aka The General getting fuck by his admirers.

The first scene is a 3 way scene with The General, a young asian guy and a older masked guy. The scene is a total amateur scene, not the quality of it but meaning that it was shot by guys who where watching the fucking and as they where not professionel cameramen there is sometimes a bit of shaking or other such little things. Now let it be said from the start of this review that when you view the scene it doesnt matter one bit - the scene is an instant classic in any daddy video collection for sure.

Now the scene starts out with The General on his back on a big bed and working over the cocks of his 2 admirers with him mouth - we get a good close up of his skills and also see a good close up of the admirers hands working on The Generals nipples , he is very much into nipple play as you can see from this and other scenes.

After some good double cock sucking and nipple play The General is put on his tommy facing away from the camera, as the young asian admirer works over his ass with a good round of deep rimming The General sucks the masked admirers cock. As the young admirer has the hole worked good and ready with his tongue he gets on top of The General and starts working on his ass with his cock - The General continues to cuck on the masked admirers cock and we get a few close up of both the fucking and cock sucking.

At one point in the scene The General is mounted on top of the masked admirer riding his cock deep and hard and then the asian admirer steps up and wants a piece of the action as well so he slides his cock into the asshole aswell - so there we have it The General taking 2 dicks in his ass and enjoying every bit of it as they both works their cocks in and out of his hungry hole

The second scene is of The General and a nice looking young asian admirer who has a nice size cock for an asian guy, we all know they are hung small right ;) - but anyways not this strapping young lad, he packs a cock that would make any man happy. Now the scene starts out with The General sucking on the cock getting it good hard and ready for some action.

The asian admirer returns the favor for a bit and when he is done with that he goes back and sticks his cock into The Generals mouth for some more sucking action and as a "thank you kind sir" he works over The Generals nipples.. Its nice to see a scene that focus on more than just fucking and sucking, this DVD clearly show that men have other erotic zones than just the tip of his cock and the end of his ass! Something that is much overlooked in other productions if you ask me...

The hardcore fucking action of this scene is broken into multiple parts as they change position a few times through out the scene and the room they are shooting in has the added bonus of being filled with mirrors so we get to see the sex from different angles and still follow the face of The General as he gets banged up good by this young horny lad.

But as with all other great things, everything has to come to an end and this scene ends as the asian admirer stands over The Generals body and blows his creamy load right into and onto his face. The General looks very pleased by the whole experience and why not, its well known that cum is good for the skin right...


Latino Lover Boy Fucks Daddy In A Sling

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Super Cute Daddies

Posted by Admin on October 3rd, 2015 in Super Cute Daddies

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Photos With Jordan

Posted by Admin on October 2nd, 2015 in General Erotic Gay Stories

M/m, oral, mild domination, one way sex.

This is a re-write of one of my favourite stories by an anonymous author: /gay/highschool/photo-op (Jul 25 1998)

= = = = = = = = = =

I was about 17 when this story happened.I was just old enough to be a horny little bastard, and just young enough to get caught up in stupid situations.At the time I felt like an idiot for getting myself talked into this, but now that I'm looking back I can't get over how hot the situation was.I hope you agree...

It was the summer between grade 11 and grade 12, and I was enjoying a very relaxing vacation.As we always did, the family was up at the cabin, a place I had spent every summer at as long as I could remember.My parents used to spend a fair bit of the summer up at the cabin (mom was a teacher and had summers off), but as I had grown older I was able to be left alone as my parents took trips back home... day trips led to overnight trips, and on to weekend getaways, and so on.I am not an overly social person, so the time with less company was fine by me.

Over the years we had gotten to know our neighbours around the cottage. Now when I say "neighbours" the nearest cabin was at least a 10 minute walk away.Anyway, I had gotten to know Jordan when I was about 8 or so, and we had been friends without being best buddies ever since.We are the same age, but I have always been slightly intimidated by Jordan, even more since he had grown into one of the most naturally perfect bodies I had ever seen. Jordan is quite the joker.Practical jokes had become a part of life between the cabins in our area.Jordan's trademark is to quietly sneak over to my cabin while I am alone, scare the bejesus out of me, and take my picture at the moment I was shitting my pants.It was all in good fun, and we would both laugh about it after it was over.

Arabian Lad Fucking His Mature Lover

Posted by Admin on October 1st, 2015 in Hot Free Sites

Silas And Tex

Posted by Admin on September 30th, 2015 in Free Daddy Pictures

Hot Bearish Daddies Mature men, tattoos, hairy chests and rock hard cocks, now what more could you ever want in a scene than that.. Well hardcore fucking ofcourse and whats exactly what we get when these hot bearish daddies go at it. Tex makes sure to slopper all over Silas' cock and balls while giving himself a tugjob before they get into the hardcore anal penetration but boy once they get going they fuck like 20 year old twinks.


Posted by Admin on September 29th, 2015 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

I met Jimmy in the cam chat room. He's one of those sexy young guys that love to jerk off in front of men. He is blessed with a slim defined body, almost hairless, feminine but not faggy. I love to watch him bare his stuff. He's really good, a showman for sure. He knows just how far to go, how to strip on cam, which drives me nuts. Just when I think I can't take his teasing any more, he'll reveal the prize: his delicious six inch dick, the thick ivory white shaft rising out of a mound of fluffy blonde pubic hair. It makes my mouth water every time. And that creamy round ass, I just wanna fuckin' jump on him!

He always lets me on his cam and, although I know I'm not the only man watching, he puts on a great show and makes me feel like he's jerking just for me. His shoulders are broad, and his pectorals pop nicely off his frame. Jimmy's tiny nipples are shiny and pink against his suntanned skin, and he loves to play with them. That makes me wild because I want to be suckling on them, tasting the sweetness of his skin, holding his nipples between my teeth.

Love Lessons

Posted by Admin on September 28th, 2015 in General Erotic Gay Stories

Disclaimer: This story is pure fiction, depicting sex acts between two men.If you are under eighteen or if the laws where you live prohibit you from viewing or possessing such material, please move on.

My friend Rick and I were late for the sign-up for our upcoming semester of college courses and almost all of the electives were filled.I looked from list to list, trying to find an opening in anything, but there was nothing I hadn't taken before. "What about this?"Rick pointed to a sign-up sheet with a few lines open.At the top of the sheet was the title of the course, Gay Studies. "Are you fucking kidding me?"I looked at him, sure that he was joking, but he seemed serious. "Yeah, why not?We're both into Psychology and we can always drop it later.You know people always drop out of certain classes after a couple weeks.We'll just slide in to an opening in something else." "There is no way I'm taking a class on Gay Studies. I'm not gay."I turned away in the vain hope of finding something else. "Dude you have to be more open-minded.Besides, I bet there will be some hot girls in that class.You know how girls always dig gay guys." "Have you completely lost your mind?"Rick had to be pulling my leg, but he showed no signs of letting me in on the joke. "C'mon man," he said and signed his name to the roster. Not believing what I was doing, I did the same.

Rick was wrong about the hot girls.In fact there were only a few girls in the class, and they definitely weren't hot.Most were of the butch lesbian variety.I wanted to kick Rick's ass right then and there. The professor was one of those militant gays, you could tell that he wore his proclivity for men on his chest like a badge of honor.He took one look at Rick and me and could tell that we didn't belong in his class, but he said nothing and just snorted in contempt when we answered to his roll call. Then came the subject material.Besides a bunch of dry, required reading on gay rights, there were workshops and take-home assignments centered around sexually pleasing members of the same sex.The instructor told us that we would have to work in pairs in order to complete the various assignments.Rick and I quickly chose each other, not wanting to be paired up with some flaming queen. After the class, I couldn't even speak to Rick, I was so pissed.Instead I marched straight down to the university office to get my schedule changed, but they were closed.I ended up at a bar near the campus and tried to extinguish my fury with a few beers. A few hours later, when I stumbled into the dorm room that Rick and I shared, he was still up.I looked over at the couch and saw that one of the folders we had gotten in class sitting there open.Inside there were all sorts of diagrams showing different sexual positions for gay men.I squinted at the drawings and, realizing what I was seeing, threw the book down. Rick came into the room behind me, wearing only a towel. "There you are," he said smiling, obviously able to tell that I had been drinking. "Yeah here I am.I ought to kick your ass." "For what?" "For getting us into that gay class.I'm getting out of there as soon as possible.I'm gonna march down there tomorrow and get this straightened out."I glared at Rick. "Pun intended," I added defiantly. "Hey what's the big deal?I've been looking through some of the curriculum and its not that bad.I read in that book there that a man can increase his sexual pleasure by shaving his balls and around his cock and ass." "So?" Rick smiled and took a sip from the beer he had left on the table."So I tried it.It feels fucking great.I can't wait until I hook up with someone to try it out." "You did what?"I sat down, not believing what I was hearing from my supposedly straight best friend. "I shaved myself.You should try it." "Look, I'm not getting involved in any of that faggot crap."I rose to my feet and unsteadily made my way to bed."Dude, you need some help."

Pleasing Daddy

Posted by Admin on September 27th, 2015 in Free Daddy Pictures

Come To Daddy Sergie always had a special thing for his sons best friend Yuri but never though he would get the oppertunity to do anything about it and he could hardly believe his luck when Yuri dropped in to see him a day after school. With his slim twink body Yuri was everything Sergie ever wanted to play with and kissing Yuris body and sucking his cock soon had the desired effect and after getting his hole warmed up with a dildo Sergie was ready to take everything Yuri had to offer and as a good daddy he made sure to suck the last spunk from Yuris cock and clean up after himself before letting the boy out the door.

Daddy Jerking Off In The Garden

Posted by Admin on September 26th, 2015 in Hot Free Sites

First Night

Posted by Admin on September 25th, 2015 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

Inside the lodge it was freezing cold and Javier had me light the fire while he unloaded the bike. Dancing flames lit the room when, at last, we settled next to each other on the sofa. Javier opened a brandy bottle. "To warm us from the inside," he said as he passed me a glass, and soon it was surging through our veins.

From a small box Javier took a paper and I watched as he expertly rolled a joint. So protected had been my life that this was all new and wonderfully exciting. Javier put the thin tapering tube in his lips and a matched flared in his long slender fingers. He inhaled a deep breath and held it; the blue smoke from the joint curled in to the air and filled the room with an aroma that once sensed is never forgotten. Javier had to teach me how to smoke.

"Inhale very slowly," he instructed, pressing my abdomen, and raising the joint to my lips. "Then hold it and let it seep into your lungs." My first attempt ended abruptly in a fit of violent coughing, but the second proceeded more successfully. A quiet calm embraced us. But in a few minutes the combined effect of the brandy and the marijuana made my head begin the spin and my body to shake. Javier brought a blanket to cover us, and I lay my head on his chest and I felt the heat of his body flowing into me. As he gently caressed my hair, the dizziness retreated and I fell into a doze.

College Stud Cockfight

Posted by Admin on September 24th, 2015 in General Erotic Gay Stories

"You will be suckin' my dick when I get thru wit' you, faggot!" Lee shouted across the room. "Yeah whatever, hard-on!" I shot back. How had our friendship come to this I thought to myself? All over a bitch, a woman had come between us was my obvious answer. But let me fill you in on the set up of this fight between buddies, this war between brothers, or at least a friend who I was close enough with to call a brother at one time. We are both 22 years old and in the prime of our lives. I am white, 6'2", 185 lb., brown curly hair, brown eyes, trimmed chest hair sitting on a body that could be starring in an infomercial. I also sport an impressive 7.5" cut piece of man-meat that is shaved super smooth (the ladies luv it), and nice tight walnut sized balls(also shaved) that make up quite an impressive package. My former best friend (soon to be cock/sexfight opponent) Lee, is half African- American, you know that butterscotch complexion that women drool over! He is built like a brick house and knows it! He should be, we work out together all the time, or DID work out all the time. Anyway, Lee is 6'0" tall, about 190 lb. of muscle. From showering together I can tell you that he sports a 8.5" black boa between his strong thighs, it is like mine, completely shaved smooth from the base of his cock to the crack of his... anyway, I wasn't looking that close! We were a good match up on paper, very close physically, and we also knew a few of each others sexual turn-ons from talking about women so much. Which brings me to the style of match, a cockfight, sexfight, 1st-to-cum-loses match, with probably our virgin asses as a prize too!Lee and I were/are seeing the same girl. Alicia is a latin beauty, and I fell for her the minute I first saw her. We hit it off and were constant companions for 2 or 3 months. Then I noticed the heat begin to die a little in our relationship. We were'nt spending as much time together as before, and she began to come up with excuses why we could'nt get together for dates. Then I found out the reason.

Hank And Lance

Posted by Admin on September 23rd, 2015 in Free Daddy Pictures

Daddy likes the action! If you have seen the other scene featuring this daddy you will know that he has trained his ass to handle any size in buttplugs, dildos and dicks but he does seem to enjoy the action and cock skills his younger admirer has in the bedroom as his ass gets worked over in different sexual positions. The admirer in this scene had never been with a mature gentleman before but from the looks on his face when he spews his hot load its sure to say that this wasnt his last mature man and we later found a profile on a dating site where he was looking for action under the name of "no gray - no play"