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Mixedrace Slut

Posted by Admin on July 28th, 2014 in General Erotic Gay Stories



ok lemme start i am a n 18 year old boy from london, im mixed race bout 5'8 brown hair brown eyes id say id got quiet cute features and most guys who see me think im either cute or fukin gorgeus(not tryna be cocky but thats what they say)

i remember the day i lost my virginity, it was this summer, this guy i know called darral had been foning me like everyday since about march 2002 always wanting to meet up, but lets say he wasnt the best looking of the bunch and i found him quiet boring, i always thought i would stay a virgin or maybe lose it to someone REALLY special so i never bothered ringing him or speaking to him. But in the end you could say my mum took my virginity, because one day i had come homeaftr maybe three days of smoking weed and she asked me to go and buy her salt, WORNG MOVE! he he he he! i came home 6 hours later with rice in my hands, any ways to cut a long story short she kicked me out and i had to fone that guy because i had nowhere to stay. I had come to meet him maybe the next monday, when i saw him i had liked him even less. He was a black guy(not that i have anythin againgst black guys i like any type of cock as long as it is hard he he he!) bout 6 foot had a BROAD nose with sweat droplets on it, he basicly looked like neandrathal man with wonky teeth he he he! then it got worse firstly he had made me wait in the barbers for him foir maybe 3 hours at that time i keptr texing my firend so he could get me out of there! but tha lil cunt made me suffer GRR! after that we went back to his house and he gave me some warm tap water and we watchjed blankety blank, by that time i was ready to leave but i thought i had might aswell use his computer(which i was using to set up 2 motre shags as he slapt) i finally said im going now which finally led him to ask for a kiss

Pick Up At Marina

Posted by Admin on July 27th, 2014 in General Erotic Gay Stories

Tony and I had gone to the Marina to check out the new boat that I had purchased and both of us were quite satisfied.It was my baby, but I knew that Tony loved boating very much so I knew that he'd make excellent crew for me.After signing all the documents and getting things ready, I board the boat and told Tony to meet me at the Marina where we would be keeping this 35 foot power boat.I didn't realize what the day would turn into.

As I left the dealer and headed for the Marina that we were keeping the boat, Tony got into the car and was driving there to meet me.It would take me much longer than him, so I knew that he'd be waiting for me.The two of us were very close friends, in fact you might say we were just plain fuck buddies.Tony loved to get fucked on a regular basis and since I wasn't in a relationship and he enjoyed my company we share each other's bed quite often.

It took me about 45 minutes to maneuver the boat over to the Marina and when I was pulling up I noticed Tony on the dock, along with another man, waiting for me.As I got closer Tony tossed me a line so I could tie off the boat and the fellow with him helped hold the boat steady as I drifted into the slip.I gave a quick glance at the man and noticed him being a rather sexy, middle age black man who probably had spent a considerable amount of time at the gym.

Tony introduced him to me as John and we shook hands, his grip was good and strong.The conversation quickly lead to the boat that I had just purchased and how much he enjoyed watching boats and someday owning one of his own.His interest was very pleasant.After talking for a few moments I suggested to Tony that he pick up some sandwiches at the little restaurant at the Marina and head out for lunch on the river.I look at John and asked: "would you like to join us."

Asian Vacation

Posted by Admin on July 26th, 2014

The DVD "Asian Vacation" from MatureGayDVDs.com contains 2 seperate movies or scenes if you will. Both scenes have the very well known and much loved General DeSade aka The General getting fuck by his admirers.

The first scene is a 3 way scene with The General, a young asian guy and a older masked guy. The scene is a total amateur scene, not the quality of it but meaning that it was shot by guys who where watching the fucking and as they where not professionel cameramen there is sometimes a bit of shaking or other such little things. Now let it be said from the start of this review that when you view the scene it doesnt matter one bit - the scene is an instant classic in any daddy video collection for sure.

Now the scene starts out with The General on his back on a big bed and working over the cocks of his 2 admirers with him mouth - we get a good close up of his skills and also see a good close up of the admirers hands working on The Generals nipples , he is very much into nipple play as you can see from this and other scenes.

After some good double cock sucking and nipple play The General is put on his tommy facing away from the camera, as the young asian admirer works over his ass with a good round of deep rimming The General sucks the masked admirers cock. As the young admirer has the hole worked good and ready with his tongue he gets on top of The General and starts working on his ass with his cock - The General continues to cuck on the masked admirers cock and we get a few close up of both the fucking and cock sucking.

At one point in the scene The General is mounted on top of the masked admirer riding his cock deep and hard and then the asian admirer steps up and wants a piece of the action as well so he slides his cock into the asshole aswell - so there we have it The General taking 2 dicks in his ass and enjoying every bit of it as they both works their cocks in and out of his hungry hole

The second scene is of The General and a nice looking young asian admirer who has a nice size cock for an asian guy, we all know they are hung small right ;) - but anyways not this strapping young lad, he packs a cock that would make any man happy. Now the scene starts out with The General sucking on the cock getting it good hard and ready for some action.

The asian admirer returns the favor for a bit and when he is done with that he goes back and sticks his cock into The Generals mouth for some more sucking action and as a "thank you kind sir" he works over The Generals nipples.. Its nice to see a scene that focus on more than just fucking and sucking, this DVD clearly show that men have other erotic zones than just the tip of his cock and the end of his ass! Something that is much overlooked in other productions if you ask me...

The hardcore fucking action of this scene is broken into multiple parts as they change position a few times through out the scene and the room they are shooting in has the added bonus of being filled with mirrors so we get to see the sex from different angles and still follow the face of The General as he gets banged up good by this young horny lad.

But as with all other great things, everything has to come to an end and this scene ends as the asian admirer stands over The Generals body and blows his creamy load right into and onto his face. The General looks very pleased by the whole experience and why not, its well known that cum is good for the skin right...


Mike And Sherwin

Posted by Admin on July 25th, 2014 in Free Daddy Pictures

Riding Daddys Cock Hard I have always wondered what the heck was up with the glass' in this scene. Not like they add anything mysterious or sexy to the picture but at least they dont take anything away from the younger models abbility to take a cock up his ass so guess thats a good thing The mature model here is one sexy beast for sure, great smile, sexy body and silver hair and fury chest to match. Watching him getting riden like a bull at a rodeo is amazing and he thrusts and moves with the action like a champion bull rider for sure!

Super Cute Daddies

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Super Cute Daddies

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Me Nad Mr Jones

Posted by Admin on July 22nd, 2014 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

As I sit here alone on a rainy Halloween night, I scan the club to see if there is anyone worth approaching. The entire place is illuminated by green lights, with white spotlights around the stage, and melted dry ice provides a feeling of classic spookiness.

Shall I describe what I am seeing on the dance floor? There are men of all ages crowding the dance floor, and the disco band has kept the music pumping. I enjoy watching all of the guys iron their sweaty bodies against each other. The enormous mirror ball casts small hints of light on gaudy costumes, and warlike face paintings. Leather flanks worn by butch men expose slivers of damp flesh, and practically absorb much of the glint. Scantily clad wallflowers enjoy the random company of men closest to them. The grotesque set pieces are largely ignored as ravenous men tear them down in the heat of passion. From where I am sitting, the smell of musk imbues the air, and my desire for a man skyrockets. As the vapor of dry ice continues to spread, I can see silhouettes of bodies amalgamating, and my memories start to creep.

Health Club Tour

Posted by Admin on July 21st, 2014 in General Erotic Gay Stories

It was the year I was 13.I had been living with my father for several years, since he and my mother had separated.I had known for some time that my father was gay, and was beginning to realize that I probably was, too. Or maybe bi, since I also enjoyed looking at girls.But boys seemed to attract me the most.At our local pool, I was one of the few boys who showered naked.I liked to show off.Not that I had that much to show, but I liked it when other boys looked at me naked.And of course I liked to see them when I could.There were a couple of older boys who looked at me especially intensely, so I figured they were getting their kicks seeing me naked.

My dad belonged to a mens health club on the other side of town.He never took me with him, but he went a couple of times a week, and would be gone for a couple of hours.He said he worked out, swam, and stuff.I finally found out what the word "stuff" meant one day after he caught me jacking off to pictures of naked men on a gay web site.He said it was OK, and that maybe it was time for me to go to the health club with him.

The next night he asked if I wanted to go, and of course I did, so we got ready.I asked if I needed to pack a bathing suit, since I'd never seen him take one.He said I didn't need one, so off we went.

When we arrived my dad introduced me to the guy at the front desk and told him I was his son, and he smiled and said hi, and said he hoped I enjoyed myself.We went into the changing room, and I saw several men of all ages from about 16 to much older, all either naked or getting into or out of their street clothes.My dad gave me a tour.There was a room full of exercise equipment, a small pool, a large Jacuzzi, a steam room, and a massage room next to the changing room.What caught my eye was a wall with five or six separate rooms with mottled glass doors so you couldn't see in. And throughout, everyone was completely naked.It was an all-male naked health club.I was intrigued.

Fun Work Day

Posted by Admin on July 20th, 2014 in General Erotic Gay Stories

It was my typical day, going door to door selling magazine subscriptions for a company I won't name. Anywho, I was just walking a long doing my thang. Going door to door, going through my lines. I guess I should explain myself to you. I'm a 22 year old white guy, living in a suburb of Detroit. I'm about 6'0, both ears pierced, with very small silver hoops in them, with a matching silver tongue ring. I have brown hair, which I keep cut extremely short, and I have blue eyes. I also have a very very light goatee. I weigh around 160, which I really have no body fat due to my job and my sit-ups that I do in the morning. I try to keep myself in shape. So anyway, I'm walking a long and wasn't making any sales...and was getting kind of irritated. That was until I went to a big white house which was fenced in by a waist-high picket fence. I rang the door bell, and this really pretty woman answered the door. She looked like she could be Mariah Carey's little sister...no joke! Anyway, I ran through my lines and after she was clearly flirting with me, I suckered her into buying a 2-year subscription. That really set me in a good mood. So I continued on the rest of the block on a mission to sell these magazines. After a couple more blocks of houses, and crossing a major road...I noticed that the houses were beginning to look a little run-down. They didn't look bad or anything, they just didn't look like the other houses up the road. So anyway, I kept on going on my mission, now having sold 8 two year subscriptions, but none within the last hour or so. So I knocked on the door at the first house past the highway. "WHO IS IT?" yelled an angry sounding person. "Rick, with *company I work for*" I heard the lock on the door click a couple times then the door swung open. A big black woman who was probably in her late 40's stood standing there looking un-impressed. "How may I help you Mr...What did you say yo name was?" she said. "Rick...with...********" "That's right Rick" she said sounding like she remembered me from a long time ago. "What can I help you with young man?" "Well, you see I'm selling magazine subscriptions and I have..." "Oh baby!" she interrupted in her slight southern drawl. "You mean to tell me that you're a working man, and that you're actually AT WORK right now doing your JOB and making a LIVING for yourself?" She asked, emphasizing her words with a hint of what seemed to be irritation. "Uhhhhh...yeah..." I replied. She looked me up and down for a short moment before turning her body to face inside the house and yelled, "YOU HEAR THAT ZEEK???....THERES A REAL PERSON AT THE DOOR RIGHT NOW WITH A JOOOOB...AND IT SEEMS TO ME THAT HIS MOMMA MUSTA DID SOMETHIN RIGHT CAUSE HE'S WALKING DOOR TO DOOR MAKIN HIS PAPER!" She turned back around to face me once again. "I'm sorry for yellin sweety, it's just that I seem to have this no good son who thinks that he can LIVE HERE FOR FREE AND NOT GET A JOB," she said as she turned to face back inside the house, then back at me again. "I'm sorry to hear that," I said trying not to laugh at the comedic situation I found myself in. Suddenly she whipped back around, "SEE THAT ZEEK...HE SAID HE FEELS SORRY FOR YOU." "That's not what I meant," I said. "Well what did you mean? You think it's OOOOKKKAAAAYYY for my no good son to stay here with me supporting him and paying for his food and..." "MOMMA...LEAVE THAT KID ALONE," I heard someone yell from inside the house. Suddenly, she reached her hand to the side of the door and slammed it shut. I stood there for a hot second...smiled to myself at the situation, and turned to leave. The door swung back open, and I turned to look. If it was raining outside at the very moment I saw him, I would've only seen sunshine. Everything from the perfectly braided cornrows, to his sexy thuggish swagger was like the sun shining down warm glowing rays of sun into my heart...I really did feel that cheesy about it too. Haha! I couldn't believe the man standing on the other side of the screen door, but before I had a chance to really take in his...beauty... "I'm sorry about that dawg. That's my momma, she's just trippin on me." "It's alright," I said not really knowing what else to say. He opened the screen door and stepped outside. I instantly noticed that he had a blunt tucked behind his ear, but I didn't think he knew it was there. "So you sell magazine subscriptions?" he asked, while his eyes gave me the once over. "Yeah, it's not as bad as it seems. The pay is pretty good, and I get free magazines," I replied. "That's cool...how do you get into something like that?" he asked. "Well, if you want a job, I could train you right now if you wanted." I said nonchalantly...with butterflies (hehe) "Yeah, I'm not gonna lie, I am trying to get into something...I just don't know what...do you got a break coming up soon, where we can talk about the job?" he smiled. "With this job, you can take a break whenever you want, but the more work you do the more money you make." I replied, smiling back. "Well follow me," he said. He walked around the side of the house, and up the driveway to the garage. "My name is Jerome...but my Momma calls me Zeek." "I'm Rick...and my momma calls me Rick" I laughed. He laughed too. He lifted the big door, revealing what looked like a chill-spot. Instead of the broke-down car you sometimes see sitting in a garage, or the mass of boxes full of crap that will never be used again...there were some old couches, a tv, and an older looking computer set up. Once inside, he pulled the door down half-way, and plopped down on the couch. "So you smoke?" I asked. "Smoke what?" "Uh...you know...that greenery?" "What you think just cause I'm black I get high?" he said with a hint of seriousness. "No, not at all...I just figured with a fat ass blunt tucked behind your ear that you were planning on smoking it at some point." He reached up and pulled it out of his ear, looked at it and put it in his mouth. "Yeah I smoke," he smiled again. "Do you?" "Usually when I get off work, but I guess I can be done for the day," I said. He smiled again and lit the blunt hanging out of his mouth. Took a couple hits and passed it to me. "So what's the job like?" he asked, which led into us talking about that for about 45 minutes, and I don't really wanna re-explain it right now, so I'll move on with the story.

Tale With A Twist Cinder Albert

Posted by Admin on July 19th, 2014 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

Once upon a time, long ago in a faraway kingdom lived a poor, orphaned step-son, Albert, of an evil stepfather and his two equally evil sons. The stepson's daily task was to clean the fireplace (since there was no central heating in those days), and so he became known as Cinder-Albert, or Cinder-al, for short. Cinder Albert had to do all the chores of the mansion while his step dad and stepbrothers partied and abused him. He was usually required to perform his daily chores in the nude, since his stepfather refused to buy him any clothes and his stepbrothers refused to share theirs clothes with him. As he cooked and cleaned, his step dad and step brothers would heap their insults on him, taunting him about his large endowment hat would swing freely between his legs.

He was not permitted to touch himself, and often would get hard while cleaning and cooking for the other three. This would aggravate the jealous stepbrothers, whose endowments were not as large, until one day they persuaded their stepfather to place a ring through the head of CinderAl's cock, and tie it down to a special lock that was chained to a large and heavy ball that he would have to carry around. (They feared one day he might run away.) And so they hatched their plan.

The General On Top

Posted by Admin on July 18th, 2014 in Free Daddy Pictures

Young Guy And His Experienced Mature Lover The General sure knows how to pick his younger lovers - just look at the guy he gets to fuck in this scene, smooth brown body the face of an angel and the cock like the devil. So i am just the tiniest bit bummed that we dont get to see him use it on The General in this scene but besides that its a wonderfull scene filled with all kind of hot action between a hot mature man and his wonderfull baby faced boy toy. We get to see a bit of everything blowjobs, nipple play, ass rimming and a bit of a jerk off as The General makes sure that his young lovers cock and balls are complete drained for his juices.

Super Cute Daddies

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ThomDaddy And Rusty

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Sexy silverfox takes a dick up the ass! ThomDaddy has made quite a few scenes for maturegaydvds.com and i must admit i love watching this hot silverfox in action, wether it be in a solo scene or as here where he gets a guy to play with. Personally i would have liked the admirer to be a few years younger but perhaps thats just my personal preferrence showing ;) - One thing is sure, you cant say that Rusty, the admirer, doesnt bring the action and full service to this scene as he really puts in an effort making sure that ThomDaddy doesnt leave without having both spewed his load and been on the recieving end of a hot bucket of jizz!

Super Cute Daddies

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