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Joe And Sherwin

Posted by Admin on April 16th, 2014 in Free Daddy Pictures

Daddies Passioned Boy Toy This scene is so filled with the true passion between a super sexy silverdaddy Joe and his younger admirer with a twinkest body that you hardly noticed that they dont start fucking untill you are 25 minutes into the movie. All their passion, kissing, licking, tugging and rimming just makes your blood boil and makes your juices ready to fly. When they do start fucking and Sherwin climbs on top of Joes cock, riding him hard while shifting his own gears the scene gets complete and is a brilliant example of passion between a silverdaddy and his admirer.

Mature Daddy Sucks Cock And Gets Fucked

Posted by Admin on April 15th, 2014 in Hot Free Sites

Daddy Rich And Friends

Posted by Admin on April 14th, 2014

The DVD "Daddy Rich And Friends" from MatureGayDVDs.com contains 3 seperate movies or scenes if you will, of a good looking old mature guy having fun with his mature fuck buddies..

The first scene is with a mature guy called Richard, who from the looks of it, love to suck cock and play with Rich's nipples.. This kind of attention sits well with Rich and even at this age he is able to maintain a fully erect and rock hard cock through out the entire scene.. (Now if only some of the younger models in porno could do that we might have a better selection of high quality movies - but i am ranting and will get back on track.)

As the scene moves forward Richard gets a good ramming from Rich from behind in the doggy position and they then move on to having Richard on his back on the bed as Rich is his knees before the bed and working his cock deep inside Rich's ass before finally blowing his load into Richards mouth.. Richard apparently likes to swallow so he enjoys a nice mouthfull of protein rich cum..

The second scene features a new mature play friend for Rich, a mature guy called Eric.. Now Eric is a bit over weight and might not be everyones cup of tea but Rich loves the attention he is being shown from his chubby fuckbuddy... With Eric sitting on the bed is the ideal position for him to suck on Rich's cock and after having gobbled a bit on his pole he lies back on the bed to get some oral action himself.. Rich is up for the task and gives him some nice action by sucking his cock and rimming is wide open ass.

After this they get down to the hardcore action as Rich fucks Erics ass good and hard with long stroks while jerking his gherkin at the same time.. After a good long period of action Rich needs a break from the pumping and gives Eric a good sucking before standing up and getting blown to completion by Eric..

The third and final scene on the DVD is another scene with Rich And Richard.. They start out on the bed where Richard is waiting for Rich to show him some attention and after a heafty session of kissing and petting they gives each other some oral action and gets right down to the hardcore rump humping.. Richard gets fucked good in this one as he is put on his back with his legs up allowing Rich to truly give him a deep and hard pounding.. Near the end of the scene they change position to doggy style and just before blowing his load Rich pulls out and lets Richard have another salty protein shake..

Overall this DVD is a great example showing that home made amateur content isnt always blurry and shaky shit with poor lighting.. The scenes here will blow you away not only with the true passion and intensity but also the power of the action and best of all its shows true mature amateurs having a great time fucking and sucking each other.. We should all be so lucky to experience that.

With this in mind i would say that no intergenerations porno collection is complete without this DVD..


Hank And Maverick

Posted by Admin on April 13th, 2014 in Free Daddy Pictures

Daddy's ass is open for business! Holy shit, look at the size of that dildo! This daddy has trained his ass for some time using bigger and bigger dildo and buttplugs to be able to take this size dildo. No wonder the boy looks on in wonder, he is probably thinking "how the hell do i fill out that big ass hole" but as the daddy shows him there is a way to fix this by taking both the dildo and his younger lovers dick in his ass. If i had a hat it would be off to the youngster in this scene as he managed to satisfy his daddy's needs against all odds and you must admit they are at hot couple and well worth watching in action.

My Almost First Time

Posted by Admin on April 12th, 2014 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

It was a Wednesday afternoon. I was skiing with two of my friends, both females. It was really great time and to wind down we thought we would go to the Hot Springs. So we loaded up the car and drove 20 min. to the Hot Springs. I was getting really excited because I got to go into the changing room by myself so I could look all I wanted without anyone seeing me. As soon as I walked in, there was this muscular stud standing there drying his hair and face, with nothing on! His hairless chest was amazing. It led into a perfectly trimmed bush and beautiful 3" soft cock. Not wanting to look too obvious, I walked past him and sat down on the next bench. He quickly dressed and left. It took me about 15 min. just to change because I was so distracted. When I got into the Hot Springs the girls were sitting in the pool chatting. I sat beside them and started checking out all the men. There was quite a bit of breeze hitting me so I suggested we switch sides of the pool. The girls said sure and we moved. Now I was sitting so I could see all the guys enter and leave the pool. The Speedos I got to see were amazing. Some I wish I hadn't but there were some that I almost couldn't take my eyes off of. We sat in the Hot Springs for about 1 hour and a half.

Jessee Jerking Off

Posted by Admin on April 11th, 2014 in Free Daddy Pictures

Big Cocked Daddy Jerking Off Nice cock on this older guy, looks like he need both hands to be sure to stroke the shaft from top to bottom. Often big long cocks are bent to either the right or the left but this piece of prime beef looks to be straight which is nice to see for a change.. In the scene he also spends some time playing around with the buttplug he has up his ass and it must give him great pleasure as he leaves it in as he gets on the floor to finish up his jerk off session.

Daddy Lubing Up And Getting Off

Posted by Admin on April 10th, 2014 in Hot Free Sites

Right Place At The Right Time

Posted by Admin on April 9th, 2014 in General Erotic Gay Stories

Disclaimer: If you want to comment on this story, please put the title name in the email subject line so I don't delete it by accident. Please do not reprint without permission.

I'm 35 years old, and was taking a night class at the local college a couple years ago. I had an interesting experience I thought I would share.

The college is an hour from my house, so I always leave early in case there is traffic. If I arrive early, I'll' hang out and study or wander the campus checking out the beautiful young college students (male or female, I'm happy to admire either).

One night, I had to take a crap, so I was sitting on the toilet in the public bathroom of the building where my class was. I was enjoying the bathroom graffiti: the usual sex jokes, politician bashing, etc. and one item caught my eye. In red marker, someone wrote "I love to suck cock. Leave date, time and place."

Now, I love to have my cock sucked, but I'm too shy to reply to an ad like that myself. What made this ad especially interesting was the reply written below it in blue pen that said "Monday the 8th- 6PM - this stall."

It was Monday.

I looked at my watch and it was 5:45 P.M.

What the hell was the date? I looked at my calendar and it was the 8th. I had to laugh because the tease caused me to get a moderate hard on. Was I fifteen minutes away from a couple of hot college boy's oral encounter? Should I hang out in the next stall listening and knowing what they up to?

The Bed

Posted by Admin on April 8th, 2014 in Free Daddy Pictures

Chuck Destroys Andres Ass Claiming that Daddy Chucks cock is above normal in girth simply wouldnt do it justice as its one of the fattest meatiest cocks i have ever seen a swordsman wield and i think the size of this piece of meat completely took Andres by surprise.. Chucks cock is so big that Andres had problems fitting it in his mouth and the more he sloppered on Chucks cock the thicker it got so when it was time for Chuck to fuck Andres it was a real moster of a cock and Andres did his best to accomidate this meat monster but there was a very thin line between the pleasure of getting fucked and the pain of having a giant mature cock in his ass.

Lewis And Little John

Posted by Admin on April 7th, 2014 in Free Daddy Pictures

Fat Daddy Gets His Ass Fucked Ok, ok, the images for this scene doesnt really do it justice as there is way more hardcore action in the scene than what we show here so if you enjoy watching a big fat daddy getting his ass rammed by a petit lad with a nice cock then you should preview this scene as its hot as hell Little John, well thats the name of the mature model in this scene, takes good care of his young friend making sure to warm him up with some fondling, passioned kissing, cock sucking and tugging before inviting him to take full advantage of his ass and the lad doesnt need that offer extended twice as he jumps right on the task and gives Little John what can only be described a are thorough ass fucking.

Surprise Encounter At The Bathhouse

Posted by Admin on April 6th, 2014 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

I was in one of those horny moods and needed a release by way of some hot man sex and the all male steam and sauna in the city was beckoning. I am middle-aged but still fit and toned for my age and as I've got older I've acquired a taste for cock - good hard cock - and love to suck it and be sucked off in return and this was exactly what I needed today. So naked except for the obligatory towel and all boned up I headed straight for the steam room my favourite area to cruise for cock.

Hanging my towel on one of the hook and naked entered the long dark room and made my way to the back and noticed I was the only guy in their so I hopped up on the upper bench and sat back and began to slowly strop up my cock to its full five and a half inches until it was throbbing in my hand as I rolled my smoothly shaved nuts in my other hand waiting for a guy or guys to enter and hopefully join in.

I didnt have to wait long when a rather large guy came in and headed toward me - it was too dark to see what he looked like and as he stood in front of me he reached out and wrapped his big hand around my hard cock and slowly wanked it up and down as his other hand felt up my balls - whilst I may be on the small size cock wise I do have a decent set of balls - I leant forward and reached for his cock and noticed he was grossly overweight with a huge guts but nevertheless I checked out his cock which was half hard and not as big as mine - another guy had entered and the guy stroking my cock let go of it and quickly left s the new guy headed my way.

Rich And Eric

Posted by Admin on April 5th, 2014 in Free Daddy Pictures

The Fit Daddy And The Tubby Daddy The fittest daddy i have ever seen, Rich, is back fucking another of his real life fuck buddies and where Rich sports a fit body and appears to be in the shape of his life, Eric, his mature fuck buddy sports a bit of a flappy gut but a bit of a belly can be sooo hot on a mature man and i think Eric pulls it off in a sexy way. Rich provides a full service to his fuck buddy, sucking his cock, rimming his ass and then as he fucked it he tugges on Erics cock making sure to deliver a full round of service before spewing his man juices all over Erics flappy gut and cock.

Lacross Lust

Posted by Admin on April 4th, 2014 in General Erotic Gay Stories

I remember High School very well. It was a time of temptation and lust. But I loved every moment of it. I just looked at the boys, yes, imagine that... BOYS! This was the late 90's and I was just coming to terms with my sexuality and I was just your average Joey. Yup, thats me, Joey with the short black curly hair kid and the dimples that all the girls love. I was about 5'11" 140lbs with brown eyes and I had some muscle but I was basically the skinny cute kid but I liked my body but there were plenty of things I didn't like... my butt was too tiny but I was complimented on it later:) I play Varsity Lacross and I really love the competition, the game, the boys, the showers... everything! Lacross always kept me in shape and the guys on the team and on other teams gave me the JO fantasies. I have never really talked to any other guys about sex or anything so obviously I had all of this pent up energy.

And then there was Adam. Adam - the most beautiful boy at Clarmont High. All 6ft of his beautiful blond body. He was a look a like Josh Hartnett and I had the total hots for this boy. In the winter he was a wrestler so I went to all the matches but I don't think he ever saw me there. But he was on the Lacross team and he was a soft spoken guy. He had the talent to be the captain but not the leadership skills. But enough about that... His body. He had great legs that would fill out those Lacross shorts. He didn't have a lot of leg hair but he was so attractive. He kinda had shaggy blond hair that he would sweep over to the side and I would always joke around with him and get him to laugh. Well, the spring came around and it was time for yet another season of Lacross and since I am a junior it has been a somewhat challenging academic year.

The Jerk Off

Posted by Admin on April 3rd, 2014 in Free Daddy Pictures

Daddy Jerking His Fat Meat Chances are that if you have watched a few mature movies you have see Daddy Chuck or German Daddy as he is sometimes called in action hammering his fat thick cock into some lucky recievers mouth and ass however he does know how to have fun on his own too as he shows in this video.. Playing with the sunscreen and smearing it all over his body as he gets ready to catch a few rays simply gets to be to much and he has to jerk off before sunbathing so thats what he is doing and in the end he blows his hot load all over the wooden deck by the pool.