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Hank And Lance

Posted by Admin on July 30th, 2016 in Free Daddy Pictures

Daddy likes the action! If you have seen the other scene featuring this daddy you will know that he has trained his ass to handle any size in buttplugs, dildos and dicks but he does seem to enjoy the action and cock skills his younger admirer has in the bedroom as his ass gets worked over in different sexual positions. The admirer in this scene had never been with a mature gentleman before but from the looks on his face when he spews his hot load its sure to say that this wasnt his last mature man and we later found a profile on a dating site where he was looking for action under the name of "no gray - no play"

Mature Muscle Bear Fucking His Admirer

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Stevenson Hall Last Stall

Posted by Admin on July 28th, 2016 in General Erotic Gay Stories

I never thought gloryholes actually existed.I always figured them as something out of a wonderfully erotic fairy tale, but that nowhere could you actually find one.I read stories involving them.Looked at staged pictures of them.And I always, always wanted to actually see one.To be in a stall with a glory hole.The very thought excited me.Imagining myself on the toilet, my dick hard as hell, my pants around my ankles, waiting for some guy to step into the stall next to me.Imagining squeezing my dick quietly, waiting, and watching for what the guy would do.If he would just stand there, unzip, piss into the toilet and then walk out.Or if he would sit down and do the same thing I was doing; stroke his dick until it was hard, aroused just as I was.You could imagine where my thoughts from there led.

I'm a college student.19 years old.And gay, obviously.I love cock, to put it simply.But I have a rather strong fetish for bathrooms and piss. As a kid, even as young as before puberty, I would grow excited at the thought of using a public bathroom.I guess because it was the only place I knew of where I could catch a sight of another boy's or a grown man's dick. If I was at a baseball game or some other event, I would be sure to drink plenty so I could always leave whomever I was with to use the bathroom.I would go in, stand at the urinal, and very slowly let out my piss.As I did my dick would begin to grow hard.Even if no one else was in there.I'd still be standing in front of the basin, my dick pointing straight out, piss splashing.And if someone came up to the one next to me, that was it.I tried very little to not look over, and once I did, I was in heaven.To see another man standing there, his dick hanging out, pissing away, that was wonderful.

Fishing Guides Rod

Posted by Admin on July 27th, 2016 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

For many years, Ed and Les had been friends and often fished together and much too often so far as their wives were concerned. They were about ten years older than me and I had gone fishing with them a couple of times. Ed and Les were always sarcastic, arguing or criticizing each other and they thoroughly enjoyed their derogatory interaction between themselves. They were very interesting and enjoyable company when you were with them individually but not when they were together. Ed and Les knew that I was gay but that never bothered them and they accepted my lifestyle.

For several months they had planned a fishing trip to Sam Rayburn Lake in East Texas. They had hired a fishing guide, bought their airplane tickets and were planning on leaving in three days.

Two days before they were to leave, Les had a death in his family and was not going to be able to make the trip. Ed called me and invited me to go in Less place. Everything had been paid for and I could make the trip at no expense. I was not very enthusiastic about the fishing part but I knew that I would enjoy being out doors and seeing some to the country that I had never seen before, so I accepted the opportunity. It would only be a two-night trip meaning that I would be away from work for three or maybe four days. All I needed to take was my fishing rods, fishing clothes, and personal toiletry items.

Super Cute Daddies

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Jack And Jake

Posted by Admin on July 25th, 2016 in Free Daddy Pictures

Skinny Daddy Gets His Ass Fucked It might just be me but i dont recall seeing many mature men with a tramp stamp on their backs, i honestly though this was a straight thing but apparently i was wrong or the mature guy in this scene is the exception to the rule - either way he is a hot motherfucker with his grey beard and balled head.. The younger model is eager to get the scene going but still shows his passion for mature men as they kiss, fondle and undress each other. As soon as Jack, the mature model in the scene, gets his eyes on the cock of Jake he goes to work sucking it and stroking the shaft getting it nice and hard so he can get his ass fucked. As the scene comes to an end Jack goes back to sucking his young lovers cock and then milks his juiced into his hand doing his best not to waste it.

Gangsta Dick At The Mall

Posted by Admin on July 24th, 2016 in General Erotic Gay Stories

Disclaimer: If you are under the age of 18 or 21 depending on your community's standards for the viewing of adult-oriented material, you must not read any further. The following describes sex between two consenting males. If you find it offensive, you should not continue to read this material.

The family and I celebrated Christmas yesterday in a large midwestern city. After our noon meal, I went to a mall which is on the south end of town in a predominately black neighborhood.I've always liked that mall because of the large amount of young, thug-looking, black boys. I cruised for about an hour and tried looking at black dicks. I was getting impatient because luck just didn't seem to be on my side.I don't often have much luck cruising black boys anyway.They seem to be a bit phobic in public bathrooms.

About the time I was ready to give up, a group of three "gangsta" looking boys walked near where I was sitting and sipping on a coke. I like the bathroom at the food court because it's more private than the one by the mall office.Only one of the guys went in. I followed him.

He took the center of the three urinals (no partitions). I took the urinal to his left. I hauled out my semi hard dick and stood back far enough he could see it. He said "Whassup?" and I said "Just out shopping for some stuff for me." I told him we'd already celebrated Christmas early.

New Orleans Rejuvenation

Posted by Admin on July 23rd, 2016 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

I was there for three nights in the basement strip club on Dauphine Street in the French Quarter, always sitting at the same table. I had picked him out on the first night a lithe but well-muscled, dark Greek, displaying a mixture of danger and sassiness; much more into what he was doing than any of the other performers. His act was black leather. Studded-leather harness crisscrossing his chest, studded-leather wrist guards and cock ring, shiny black leather boots, and a leather captain's cap pulled down close over his eyes, hiding his expression until he wanted to reveal it--a beautiful cock and heavy balls. He was young and virile, vital and full of life.

By the second night, he had noticed me, boring my eyes into him, and by the third night he was mesmerized. He only had eyes for me; he wiggled his butt and penis only for me. I sat there, wrapped in my black cape, and he performed only for me. I had no doubts when I had a note passed to him, that he would be there, waiting for me, at the stage door at closing.

Admirer Getting Fucked Raw By Silver Daddy

Posted by Admin on July 22nd, 2016 in Hot Free Sites

Moms New Boyfriend

Posted by Admin on July 21st, 2016 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

I am not sure why this happened! Mom came home one evening with a man that she had met. She didn't usually bring anyone home! I was sitting at the TV watching some movie and just sort of ignored them. Mom brought him over to introduced him to me. I looked at him and my eyes went directly to his crotch. He had the biggest bulge in his pants. I did my best to ignore it.

I have never had sex with a man before let alone even mess around with any of my friends. I don't know why I had such an interest in this man's crotch but I was amazed. His name was Jack, had dark hair, about 6', very masculine, nice build and dressed very well. I could see why mom liked him.

He extended his hand to give me a hand shake, so I replied. He had a nice strong grip which made my crotch tingle. What is happening to me here? This is weird! I felt like I was blushing. Mom walked away into the kitchen to get a drink for Jack, so he sat down next to me on the couch. I returned to watch the movie and Jack asked what the movie was. I told him and he settled in to watch with me. I sat there but couldn't concentrate on the movie so I started talking to him about what work he did and where he lived. Mom came back with the drinks and sat down in a chair on the other side of the room. We all talked for a bit and then mom asked if it was alright if Jack spent the night. She said he would sleep on the couch and would leave in the morning. It was about 10 pm and the movie would end at 11. It didn't matter to me if he stayed.

My Uncle And Me

Posted by Admin on July 20th, 2016 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

So, it all started when I was in my uncle"s hotel on holidays. All my family was there. I was 19 years old, gay. My uncle was 28 years old with brown hair and so nice green eyes. His body was six-packed and it was so hot... I was not that tall but I had a nice body too becoz I was in a soccer team. I had blue eyes and brown hair.

So one day he told me to go to his room and fix a computer problem he had. (I am a pc expert). So I went there fixxed his prob and noticed that he was watching porn. I smiled. He told me "Why r u smiling?" "I saw what u where doing b4 I came", I said. He laughed and showed me the "movie". "Wanna see the movie?" he asked. "Why not?", I said. We started watching the movie and he started touching his "thing". My cock was hard.

After a while he told me "Buddy do u mind if i jack off here?". "No prob", I told him. Inside of me I felt so damn excited. He got his cock out and he started jackin off. My cock was hard as rock. I wanted to suck it SOOOOOOOOOO much. "You can get it out too", he told me. I grabbed my cock and got it out.We started masturbating while watching. After 2 minutes he told me. "Buddy, I"m gonna get my shirt off so I am more comfortable." "OK", I said. Trying not to look excited but I inside me I was burnt.

Office Secret

Posted by Admin on July 19th, 2016 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

Businessmen were Nick's type, and anytime he could eye one down he did. When Nick started his job at the law firm, he knew he was in heaven. Older muscular men walking around in their suits with big bulges bouncing between their legs; Nick couldn't keep himself still. Nick is 19 years old, 5'11 and weighs about 180 lbs topped with sandy blonde hair. He's an average looking fellow with a slight hence of muscle which proves he does workout every so often. He has a tight little bubble butt that he loves to show off to anyone who asks, and a dick that would make your jaw drop to the floor if you see it.

Around the office Nick is considered the young guy. Everybody turns to him to ask what they should get for their teenage sons & daughters. Or sometimes asks him about the latest celebrity gossip. Most of them just still want to be considered young and hip. But Nick just knows they are only trying to relate to him on his level which he didn't mind. Of course after a few months on the job, Nick had already considered his options of pickings around the office. Most of the guys there were older men in their early 40s. They have wife & kids at home and all they talk about is golf. There was one guy in particular that Nick had a secret thing for. It was their Executive Director; Peter Kavorski.

Victor And Carl

Posted by Admin on July 18th, 2016 in Free Daddy Pictures

Victor Fucks Daddy Carl Traveling a lot Victor loves the hunt for a new daddy in every city where he has to spend the night and as his travels took him to the great state of Kansas he noticed that Daddy Carl was looking for a hot one night stand which suited him perfectly as he was booked to leave Kansas the next day. Daddy Carl was sexy older gentleman with just the perfect amount of grey hair, an experienced cucksucking mouth and a very cock hungry asshole so as soon as Victor got Carl into his bed these two mature guys went at it like love crazed teenagers and just fucked all through the night.. Victor never did catch his flight the next morning and ended up staying a couple of weeks extra in Kansas stuffing Carls insatiable hole.

Bangkok Morning

Posted by Admin on July 17th, 2016 in General Erotic Gay Stories

Lok's boned up in his sleep.I wonder what he's dreaming about.

The Bangkok rain outside is heavier than anything I've ever experienced and the heat, even the rain drops are warm and the air still feels steamy.And that bloody radio in the stall below our window - I should go down and offer to tune it in for them.Trying to sleep in a room above a cafe for me isn't easy.Lok's having no trouble, his blankets folded back so now I've got a clear view of his stiff, dark brown cock.It's a beautiful cock, I think about getting up and going over to his bed to suck him awake but the thought of tasting my own arse first thing in the morning... besides he looks so relaxed and content when sleeping.

Tony suddenly stirs on the old foam sofa, slowly getting to his feet he see's I'm awake "too early" he mumbles then stands up and heads for the bathroom.His naked dark brown body never sweats, I guess Thai's are climatised.This place makes my skin look paler than it ever does at home and from the moment I get off the plane until I leave again my bodies got a constant film of sweat and grime on it.

Tony's cute little arse wiggles as he crosses the room.He giggles slightly when he see's Lok's boner.Watching Tony as he stands at the toilet I look between his legs and wait to see his piss, it starts then stops.He must feel my eyes on him because he turns and smiles, pinching his soft brown penis he asks "do you want this?".I shake my head and smile.He turns and the stream splashes loudly into the bowl.