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Among Friends

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Mature Fuck Buddies If there was ever a cock sucking championship i am sure that the mature model, Eric, would have a good chance of making it to the finals as he truly enjoy sucking Richs cock but perhaps thats just because he know he is in for a good fuck when the cock is ready. The other mature model, Rich, brings a full round of service to Eric as payment for the great cocksucking experience and no only does he sit on Erics cock for a bit letting him feel the joy of penetration but he also give a good tugjob while fucking Erics cock hungry hole.

Super Cute Daddies

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Kyle And His Father - The Prowler

Posted by Admin on September 30th, 2016 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

Kyle was awakened by a loud "THUD". He shot straight up in bed. "What?"he garbbled still half asleep. He looked around his room trying to focus still partly unaware was where he was. As he awoke he realized he was in his own room and that something had awoken him. He had heard a noise, that's right a noise. But was it real or just part of a dream? Maybe it was his Father. He glanced at his alarm clock and saw it was nearly three in the morning. His Dad had probably been in bed for three hours or so already. Oh, well since he was up he'd check and see if Dad was okay.

Kyle and his Father, Jeff lived alone for the past ten years since his mother's death. It had been an auto accident and it hit Kyle hard. He had been 9 at the time and now was suddenly without a mother. But his Father did an excellent job filling in. No it wasn't exactly the same but he knew that his Father loved him and had tried to be both Father and Mother to him.

And Kyle's Father had something to be proud of. He had raised a fine young man practically on his own. Kyle was now 19 years old and was getting ready to start college in the fall. He was the classic All American Boy. Good grades, good looks, he had it all.

No Gray - No Play

Posted by Admin on September 29th, 2016

The DVD "No Gray - No Play" from MatureGayDVDs.com contains 2 seperate movies or scenes if you will, both scenes features daddies having hardcore sex with their admirers..

The first scene features a hot latino admirer by the name of Diego - Diego is the typical latin lover and he takes great pride in making sure his daddies every need is pleasured. It just so happens that both Diego and his playdaddy Derrick are cracy about playing with and eating precum so after a bit of cock sucking they get down to having fun with precum.. Diego sits on top of Derrick and begins to feed him his own precum as they play and kiss.

After the precum play Diego starts to fuck Derrick from behind and after a good fuck they switch to another position where Derrick rides on top of Diego and he rides him hard for a good long time then they switch positions again and this time Derrick is placed on his back on the couch with his legs spread to allow Diego to truly work on his ass all the while they eat the precum from Derricks cock.

Finally Diego pulls out and goes to Derricks head, does a few quick strokes and delivers his hot man juice on Derricks face and mouth.

The second installment on this DVD is a very hardcore scene featuring Edward and a daddy named Charles.. Now Edward we have seen before as he gets fucked by Chucks fat cock in Daddy's Play Room but this is the first DVD that features Charles but dont worry, we will be seeing plenty of him in other titles from Mature Gay DVDs as he is in at least 3 of their titles.

The scene starts out with Charles and Edward sitting on a white leather couch and Edward gives Charles a good round of oral satisfaction to get things going. The blowjob starts with Charles sitting and then decides to take it like a man standing up as his cock gets ready for fucking he gets behind Edward and bents him over the couch and fucks him hard and long from behind.as its time to change position Edward is put on his side on the couch and Charles gets up behind him and this position allows him to truly work his cock deep into Edwards willing asshole and Edward is fucked so hard you can basically see his eyes change color from blue to brown - it is clear to anyone who have watched this scene that Edward loves a good rough hard fuck where a big dick is hammered into his ass with full force and Charles is doing just that. Edward wants to be on top too and gets up and rides Charles' dick to the root while jerking on his own piece of man meat.

In the final installment of the scene Edward is put on his back on the couch and charles works his ass from above getting some real power behind the thrusts again and going just as deep as before and Edward takes a good pounding untill Charles pulls out and blows his load all over his ass, cock and balls.


Pat Jerking Off

Posted by Admin on September 28th, 2016 in Free Daddy Pictures

Mature Man Jerking Is Meat Sitting out on the porch naked what comes more natural than jerking yourself off for the entire world to see ? Well apparently nothing as thats exactly what this mature guy is doing - getting himself hard and jerking off both standing and sitting before blowing his load all over the porch floor.

Daddy Playing With His Admirers Big Cock

Posted by Admin on September 27th, 2016 in Hot Free Sites

Daddy Jerking Off In The Garden

Posted by Admin on September 26th, 2016 in Hot Free Sites

Tom And Sebastian

Posted by Admin on September 25th, 2016 in Free Daddy Pictures

Tom And The Rent Boy The mature model in this scene looks to be a truly seasoned gentleman sporting some wrinkles on his handsome face and gorgeous silver grey hair and to complete everything he has a thick long hard cock to boot so the rent boy he called over to fuck gets to work for his money as it appears the mature gentleman really knows how to plow a hole. The rent boy takes the thick mature cock like a true champ and keeps grinding away at his mature clients cock till he blows his creamy load deep inside his ass.

Big Jack And Chris

Posted by Admin on September 24th, 2016 in Free Daddy Pictures

What a Sexy Admirer Cute face, nice tan, great well trained body including a nice set of abs and just to make sure he has everything mother nature gave him a great looking long thick cock too.. Wonder if there is an email i can write to and bitch about life being very unfair.. Oh well we all make due with what we have and if you ask me the admierer, Chris, has the perfect package so no wonder that the mature guy is all over him taking advantage of ever second of film in this scene. Eventhough there is no hardcore penetration in the scene its still one of the hottest scenes i have seen in a long time, the way the daddy shows attention to every inch of Chris' nice sexy body is amazing to watch and when Chris final spews his load all over the daddy's face and chest you cant help but wish you where on the recieving end of the spunk.

Boys Lair

Posted by Admin on September 23rd, 2016 in General Erotic Gay Stories

Endre Kovacs presents


Chris was a fine lad. He did well at school and had some close friends whom he liked to hang out with. One day a friend, Hugh invited him for a sleepover as his parents left for a few days. He thought why not and accepted the offer.

He arrived at the other end of town where Hugh lived. He rang the doorbell and waited. It was Lawrence who opened a door wearing only a pair of jeans and with a towel on his head. He has just come out of the shower.

Chris gulped. He wasn't used to seeing naked bodies as he had no siblings. He was fascinated though by the body of an older boy. Lawrence was a well-built guy with hairs around his belly and his armpit.

`Hi there, Chris. I'll be off in a minute so I won't bother you two. Hugh is upstairs, I believe you can find him, don't you?' said Lawrence in his usual chatty voice.

`Yes.' answered Chris short.

He went upstairs and into Hugh's room. His friend was putting up clothes just like his brother. Chris became curious and couldn't help himself but ask:

`Were you having shower?'

`Yes.' turned Hugh around smiling.

`With your brother?' asked a stunned Chris.

`Yes. It's no big deal. We can do it together too if you'd like.' said Hugh.

`Sure.' said Chris without thinking.

The two friends started doing usual stuff after this like playing on the computer and watching movies. It grew late and Chris couldn't think of anything else. He was afraid he had to shower with another boy around. He was so shy and unconfident about what he should do. He had never seen another boy's cock before. The bare idea of having a shower with Hugh made him shake.

Winter Of 1984

Posted by Admin on September 22nd, 2016 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

I was an 18 year old street punk who was always curious about older men. Thanks to Tony, I'll always seek out the older, mature man for the rest of my life.

I met him through a fellow street punk. It was a really cold evening and we had nowhere warm to spend the night. Alex spoke of an older guy who let him stay at his house sometimes. No strings attached. He said he didn't like going there because Tony was gay, but when you were stuck, sometimes there was no other way. This was one of those nights. As soon as Alex mentioned Tony was gay I got an immediate erection. I was looking forward to meeting this man.

It was about 11:30pm when Alex knocked on the big oak door. The wind howled and the snow came down in massive flakes as the door creaked open and we were greeted by the most beautiful man I'd ever seen. Tony welcomed us in with a very sophisticated and gentlemanly British accent. I took off my jacket and held it in front of my crotch. I was so hard I thought I was going to cum right then and there. Our eyes locked, and I could feel myself blushing as this lovely lovely man appraised me from head to toe. He took my hand gently and I swear I thought I was going to pass out. I glanced at Alex and there was no doubt he knew what was going on. He gave us both weird looks and then just turned and went upstairs. He had been here before and apparently knew what bedroom was his.

Daddy Loves Sucking And Fucking

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Commanders Son

Posted by Admin on September 20th, 2016 in General Erotic Gay Stories

I got stationed at MCAS El Toro, just before it was being shut down. El Toro was a beautiful place to be stationed located in Orange County California. The base was not as active as it was in its hay day. I was assigned to a unit that was made up of both Navy and Marines. Over time, I learned that a few of the barracks rats were gay.

I was a good looking Marine, 5' 10" with Brown hair and Blue eyes. I weighed about 165 pounds. Guys in the bars were always after me. Maybe it was my high and tight haircut. I know how enticing military guys are in a gay club.

I learned where some of the gay bars were and often went out with a civilian friend I met online. We went out to Laguna beach, Long Beach, Newport Beach and Garden Grove. The Best night I remember was on a normal night out to a Place called Newport Station. It was there I met John. John was a nice guy who struck up a conversation with me. He remembered seeing me at the Base when he went to visit his father., who happened to be my Commanding officer.

After a few beers, our conversation turned to sex, and after a few more, I like to touch. I reached into his pants and found a very large cock. The biggest I have ever felt. We decided to go to his place and have some fun.

I wasn't sure about letting his large 10 inch penis enter my butt hole, But I was extremely turned on the idea. We began a long hot kiss, followed buy the slow removing of out clothes. All I wanted to do was play with his massive cock. Then things changed.

Whos Your Daddy

Posted by Admin on September 19th, 2016 in Mature Erotic Gay Stories

Lying there looking up at the mirrored ceiling, I was watching myself getting fucked by a handsome young stud. Bryan was 32 years old, 6 185lbs, solid, fairly smooth and a handsome face. His brown eyes were set deep and only accented his features. His cock as it was sliding in and out of my ass was around 8" and just the right girth so I could enjoy it without any discomfort.

I was on my back my legs high in the air and my hole being filled with Bryans cock. He would fuck me slowly for a while then speed up with increase plowing my hole.

As I looked to my side there stood Neil. He was Bryans younger cousin and he stood around 510", 165lbs, blond hair and had the same deep dark eyes as Bryan. Neil was new to this and still wasnt fully undressed yet. He stood there rubbing his cock and I could easily see it wasnt going to be a disappointment. I motioned for him to come closer and as he did I stroked his magnificent cock that was lying under his shorts. I could feel his cock harden in my hand and I knew I needed to get my mouth on it.